Words From Heaven

May 2, 2004

The apparition was in the evening in the Field just as Our Lady requested. The apparition took place around 6:40 p.m. Our Lady was crowned with a wreathe of flowers the evening before, but a storm during the night had blown the crown off the statue. When Marija came out to the Field, she immediately noticed Our Lady had no crown, and said, we must make another crown. A new one was put together so that they were able to crown Our Lady just before Her apparition. It was beautiful.
Marija’s description of the apparition:

Everybody sit down. I wanted to greet each and every one of you that are here tonight and have come to be with us. Tonight, when Our Lady came, She was very happy and probably because She saw all of you here. And when you prayed, Our Lady listened to you. I recommended each one of you and everything that you held in your heart. Our Lady prayed over us and She gave us Her blessing. In a special way I asked Our Lady to pray for those who are sick here. And Our Lady gave us a second blessing. And then I asked Our Lady to bless everything that you brought with you, your rosaries, your medals and anything else that you wanted blessed, and Our Lady, again, blessed everything. And then at the end, Our Lady spoke, and She said:

"My dear children, do not forget that I am your Mother, and that I love you, and that I bless you."

And then She went back to Heaven; unfortunately. It would be a real joy for us to always remain with Our Lady.

There was a large gathering in the Field. Many profound conversions took place in the midst of these apparitions. For tomorrow, Our Lady said the apparition would be in the Bedroom in the morning. The community was again in awe to see Our Lady directing the events of these days.

The Cross at Caritas on Penitentiary Mountain