Words From Heaven

October 30, 1983

"Why do you not put your trust in me? I know that you have been praying for a long time but really surrender yourself. Abandon your concerns to Jesus. Listen to what He says in the Gospel: ‘And who among you, through his anxiety, is able to add a single cubit to the length of his life.’ (Mt. 6:27).

"Pray also, in the evening when you have finished your day. Sit down in your room, and say to Jesus: ‘Thank you.’

"If in the evening you fall asleep in peace and in prayer, in the morning you will wake up thinking of Jesus. You will then be able to pray for peace; but if you fall asleep in distraction, the day after will be misty, and you will forget even to pray that day."

Remember Tomorrow
Mirjana has her
Apparition for
Be in Prayer.