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The following transcript was from the Radio Program, Mejanomics, that aired on on October 7, 2010. More was added by A Friend of Medjugorje for the purpose of clarity. Normally, spontaneous unscripted talks are not completely clear, when written for people to read. Therefore, a few more thoughts have been added, by A Friend of Medjugorje, to clarify what was recorded. A Friend of Medjugorje and guest Frank, with Global Silver.

“What is About To Happen? Being Christian is Your Only Hope.”

Friend Of Medjugorje (FOM): Hi everybody and welcome to Mejanomics, our show that we do weekly on our financial situation looking through the glasses or the template of the messages to see what it is that we’re supposed to be thinking, about all these issues that confront us. Everything that is geared towards our finances, everything’s based on us making a living and making our way on this earth toward eternity. satan’s always trying to interrupt that by creating attachments on that path, yoking us with things or diverting us in different ways. Our Lady says satan diverts you through “modernism.” It’s only natural that we would have a show about the financial situation, the economy, economics and other things that exist in the world concerning the means we live by, especially in this present moment. Of all the things that the master of evil has at his hands, or has in his claws to rule through, to bring down the world, to conquer the world his choice will be through the financial means. And, of course, we know the anti-christ will come and we will be neither able to buy or sell anything without the mark of the beast. But, I say this not to be talking about the anti-christ or to be saying that this is that time. I’m saying it to say if he chooses that means to bring the world to slavery, then Our Lady’s messages have to talk a lot about that. And indeed they do. She talks about materialism, consumerism, that you’re absorbed in your work, that you’re absorbed in material things, things that are fleeting as the flowers in the field, here one day gone the next. She’s talking about holiness in your very being but also those things that you’re attached to. So Matthew 6 that we just heard being read speaks of the purpose of our walk in this life is to seek first God’s kingdom, God’s eternal kingdom. But man does not. We, as men, were made to be kings of the earth. The fallen angels lost the gift to be kings with God in Heaven, and through their fall became beasts instead. What was to be for man, he as kings of earth, after the fall of Adam became, instead, just as an animal. Though Jesus has paid the price for that fall of man, so that man can gain his wings again, he no longer can gain kingship over the earth. satan is now king of the earth. Not only is man no longer king of the earth, but satan now wants to subjugate us. The way he does that is through tying us in to intricate systems, integrated systems financially. Our whole purpose in showing this to you, through Our Lady’s messages, is to liberate you, to give you freedom, let you break loose. The book, It Ain’t Gonna Happen is about that. People that have read the book say, “I feel liberated! I feel free! I have hope.” And your hope is not to be tied to the system. You say, “Well, how can I not be tied to the system?” Well, you can’t wholly and completely be away from it because you are in the world. Jesus says, you’re in the world, but don’t be of the world. For the worldly that are in the world, they are also of the world. That’s two different things: in the world and of it, or in the world but not of it. Don’t let yourself be swept along because that’s what everybody else is doing. The more you can get independent of the dollar, independent of the money to provide for yourself, have your little plot of land, have your little place, get from the ground to your mouth your own food, own your own place you, don’t have to have any currency for that. Or, at least, you can minimize the need for currency. We know about the pioneers how they came to this country and they pulled from the earth everything they ate, everything they made. And so, we’re coming into a new time. Our Lady says, “A time when you will get to know God better.” When does society and culture know God more? Now, when everything’s at our fingertips and we work all week for a piece of paper and go buy a tank of fuel, go buy some groceries and it’s gone after you pay a few bills. Or when man had his little plot of land, and he dug up a stump and then he had another 10’x10’foot area to grow some food. He benefited from that one or two days work from that one stump being removed for the next 30 or 40 years of his life because he could plant on that ground. The wages he received were different from the wages present society receives. Digging up the stump produced wages that lasted for years. He put in one or two days work, and he benefited from that work for years, even decades, even for the rest of his life. A paycheck rarely will go beyond the fleeting of a few days after you receive it. That’s what Our Lady’s showing us here in community. We can put together, on a Saturday work day, what we call our Saturdays here, things we build, things we construct, lands we clear, things we grow, whatever it is, we and our children will be benefitting from that days work for years. That’s the economy Our Lady wants. An economy where we’re close to God, an economy of salvation. An economy where God is part of our everyday life. An economy where there’s a seamless world between us and Heaven. There’s no wall between us through the messages and so this is just a little bit of a defining thing about what this show’s about. It’s not about selling silver. It’s not about making money. It’s about building with what you have and preserving it. The Bible talks about means of exchange, in fact the Bible talks about silver as money. Many today do not want to even so much as hint that silver is money. You’d quit using the financial system as we know it if you learned this fact. In Genesis 13:1-2 it says, “Abram went up out of Egypt and he was very rich in possession of gold and silver.” That’s what he used. Genesis 37:28 says, “When the Madianite merchants passed by, they drew him out of the pit,” talking about Joseph, “and sold him to the Ismaelites for 20 pieces of silver.” It wasn’t the US dollars, it wasn’t the Euro, it wasn’t some kind of trinket. It was silver. Leviticus 27:16 says, “If the ground be sowed with 30 bushels of barely, let it be sold for 50 sides of silver.” That’s what they exchanged their land for, with precious metal. Acts 19:19 states , “And many of them who had followed curious arts brought together their books and burnt them before all and counting the price of them, they found the money to be 50,000 pieces of silver.” Of course, books of old were very, very valuable. Matthew 26:15, And Judas said to the Pharisees: “What would you give me, and I will deliver him unto you? But they appointed him 30 pieces of silver.” This is for God. The selling of God! 1 Maccabees 15:31, “But if not, give me for them 500 talents of silver and for the havock that you have made, and the tributes of the cities other 500 talents: or else we will come and fight against you.” So silver is money. It’s not just some kind of investment metal. JP Morgan, himself, said, “Gold and silver are money… everything else is just a credit.”

Frank, I know you’re there waiting through this long intro, are you there?

Frank: Yes, it’s a pleasure to be here with you today, hello again. I had an opportunity this week to be on a plane, I don’t get to read as much as I’d like to anymore and I can’t do anything while I’m on the plane as far as be on the computer or be on the phone, which I guess is a good break. And so I was interested in something that you wrote and I believe you wrote it in 1999, “As Go God’s People, So Goes The World.” I remember that it had a lot to do with the things we’re talking about now, but I was amazed at how much, how prophetic that writing was and how much that we’re talking about now is in that book written 11 years ago. These things that you’re talking about right now. And I think about what It Ain’t Gonna Happen will be 11 years from now, when I read this writing that you wrote back then. I recommend that you download it from the website. Can that be downloaded?

F.O.M.: Yes.

Frank: People will want to understand the gift that we have in this book and understand what this will mean to our world and to our future. That might be a good place to just read how many things that were written back then that have come to pass. I think about this a lot as I talk to people from all over the world. The greatest thing I think that we can do right now is get copies of “As Go God’s People, So Goes the World” and It Ain’t Gonna Happen into the hands of people that will read them. It will be very liberating for them. It will protect them from something that inevitably we’re going to face in our times. Our Lady is coming here everyday for 29 years because our world is in a pretty serious situation. These things that have been written about, for at least 11 years now, but I’m sure before that too, and are to be taken very seriously and it gives us something that we can do to protect those people that we love and those people in our area.

F.O.M.: Our Lady’s messages are prophetic. She says pray to understand my messages. When I went to Medjugorje the first several times, I didn’t understand it. I didn’t comprehend the message. And I found a message that said, “You must pray to understand the messages.” So I went to both mountains everyday, “Mary, make me understand these messages. What are you saying? They’re so simple. There’s something I’m not getting.” That prayer was rooted back to a message Our Lady gave saying, “I’m going to give messages as never before in the history of the world since the very beginning.” I had been following everybody else and listening to the priests say, “Oh, Our Lady’s just saying the same old thing…She’s just echoing…,” they didn’t even say echoing, they just said She’s just repeating the Gospel. But I came to understand that it was an “echo” to the Gospel but in a new way for today’s man to help us understand what we don’t understand. And Marija herself has said that. The messages are for today’s man to help him understand Scripture. There was something very interesting that you, Frank, said a second ago. You said that you talk to people from all around the world. You’ve been associated with our mission for how long Frank?

Frank: I’ve been reading the writings since the early 90’s but the first time I came down to Caritas was in 2001,so I’ve been very close to you and the mission for going on 10 years now.

F.O.M.: Well, I want to make a point. You said you’re talking to people from all around the world and you said you were impressed by that. I say that only because Medjugorje rather, this mission is always bigger than I think because Medjugorje is always bigger than what I think, or what you think. Medjugorje is always bigger than any of us can imagine. And where as you were close to the mission before, here and now in this present time, you, Frank, have been put on board with us in handling the ministry of distribution of our striking this round that we at Caritas designed. And so now you are dealing directly with the people, what we have been doing for years, and I can hear that you are amazed, you’ve talked to people from all over the world. And you tell me the stories…But, we’ve been hearing this everyday for 25 years. It’s hard to convey to those out there listening to this the impact of God’s grace and Our Lady’s messages upon the lives of millions of people. I think it would be safe for me to assume, by what you said, now that you’re on this side of the fence with us that you’re pretty in awe of the impact.

Frank: Well, there’s no question. I’ve always, since I’ve started reading the writings, have said this is something unique and special in our time. I knew others felt this way too, but it is truly a gift and a pleasure to talk to so many people. What you write is something that is in our minds and in our hearts but its made clear to us with pen and ink, it connects the dots for us and it’s like I felt when I first started reading the writings, this is right on; it’s incredible. And so I’m speaking to so many people and the impact of these writings that I’m seeing first hand, it’s tremendous. The things that people all over the world will share with me and the actions that they are taking just speaks volumes to me that they feel the same way that I felt and so many feel about the writings.

F.O.M.: We’ll come back after the break.

F.O.M.: I want to re-state clearly that the writings are the message. If you understand the message, you can be prophetic. It’s just that simple. And yes, God will have to give you insights but anybody can do that, anybody. So, I don’t want to lead anything back towards me. It’s all from Our Lady. Anything that comes from here is through God’s grace. We’re mere nothings, just mess-ups. If anything’s flawed it would be what we put into it, the community or myself. But, whatever God gives us we boldly put it out and we don’t apologize for it. In regards to “As Go God’s People, So Goes the World,” I’ve had many people say of late, this is really prophetic. So do download that. But it’s to help you be prophetic. You’re prophetic when you see the signs of the times and you act on what you see. That’s what Our Lady’s trying to get us to see. She wants us to see and She’s coming everyday, She’s coming every month and She’s coming on the second of the month after the 25th of the month, and She’s coming at different times in Ivan’s prayer group, to different Medjugorje visionaries at different locations trying to get us to listen and we’re not listening. We’re listening, we want the message, but are we hearing it? Our Lady said, “Pray for the strength to listen to my message.” She did not say the strength to live it, because that takes a whole other might of strength to do that. And so, that’s a pretty profound statement. Pray for the strength just to hear Her, in other words, and act on that and that’s what we’re not doing. All we do here is break down Our Lady’s words into a simple format of every day life and people are getting it. If you don’t get it, you’re really in trouble. It’s very important that you realize that you must be aggressive trying to find out what’s going on because there are decisions you need to make now while the trees are green before they go into dormancy. Try to pull something out of the ground or eat something produced out of the ground in the middle of winter when everything’s asleep. You can’t make that happen. The Scripture says pray that the tribulation doesn’t come in winter or on the Sabbath. You know, if there’s no prayer, then God is going to give the full measure of what we deserve. But we can mitigate the secrets. We’re not going to remove the secrets and Our Lady has told the visionaries that, but our prayers can mitigate them, at least, individually. That’s why Our Lady says use this time well. You’ve got decisions to make. Why do you want to keep dollars? Why do you want to keep that? Now, again, this is from a Biblical point of view. I’m not a financial advisor. I’m telling you what I see, what I understand, what I grasp through the messages, through the Biblical way, through some of the verses that I showed you that money is silver. Silver is money. I have something somebody sent me from Weekly Gold Review which states that since the last century, 95% of the dollar’s value has gone away. And people want to keep their money in cash, or in the bank and they think they’ve got something. You’ve got nothing, especially when it’s not backed by silver or gold. But Gold Review goes on and says, consider that Article 1, Section 10 of The Constitution of the United States which declared that the only currency the U.S. should have is gold and silver. Showing how strongly the founding fathers felt about this, in 1792 they enacted the Coinage Act that called for the death penalty, that’s spelled D-E-A-T-H, death penalty to anyone found debasing our currency as our current, that’s spelled C-U-R-R-E-N-T, current government is doing. Why? Because they saw that whenever a population saved in paper currencies, rather than in gold or silver currency, it ended, E…N…D…E…D, in disaster. If that still isn’t enough to persuade you to turn your cash, holdings, retirement into something you can hold, given the media onslaught that tries to tell you differently, consider JP Morgan’s response to the question, “What is gold?” “Gold is money. Nothing else.” I read stuff all the time and people say silver’s volatile. Well, its normal for silver to go up and down everyday. And it jumped up, how much Frank…..$1.10 in the last couple days?

Frank: Yeah, I think it was Tuesday that it was up a dollar. There’s strong buying. You have global governments trying to see who can debase their currency faster for their position in the global economy and more and more people everyday are losing faith in this. (dollars, euro, yen, etc.)

F.O.M.: Bangladesh…I brought this up because you just said ‘global’…Bangladesh, you know, is suffering from a lot of disasters right now, a lot of different things, floods, etc., and they just bought 10 tons of gold. What does that tell you? Their central bank bought this. For what? Because they know that there’s nothing, that paper’s worth nothing. And when you have little Third World countries doing this and we’re not…we’re not as a nation and we’re not as a people…you better wake up. Silver is not volatile, it will always be worth something. The dollar is volatile! You better realize what’s coming down the pike. Now, I’m not saying go buy silver bars or ingots, I’m saying what It Ain’t Gonna Happen is about is to do something that will bring conversion. If you have means, a little means or big means, little means may be $500, big means may be $5 million dollars or more, if you get silver you want it in something religious. You want it in rounds that will cause conversion. The whole project on Caritas’ side is simply conversion. It’s not about buying silver. It’s not about saving yourself. It’s simply to find as fast and as safe a solution as possible. Getting Miracle Medal Medjugorje Rounds is something transitional because you can’t go buy land or a little homestead overnight. You have to find the right place first. Besides, prices are likely to go down in the future. We believe this very strongly. It’s our opinion, Biblically viewed. Get your funds out of the dollar, out of cash which is against the Constitution because it is not backed by silver nor gold. It’s nothing but paper. It is worthless. The only worth to it is your faith. And many people that are running to the metals have lost faith in paper currency and they’re realizing, “Hey why should I stuff $10,000 underneath my mattress when I can stuff silver rounds, Miraculous Medal Medjugorje Silver Rounds?” Which one makes more sense to you? So what is our purpose? Is it to help you make it financially and get ahead? No, this is not what this is about. This is the fruit of a good decision and is secondary. What is primary is God’s blessing and you being able to move transitionally into a way of life Our Lady has shown; an agrarian way of life. I just got through reading some thing from Michael Burry, he’s an investor for Hedge Funds. This is what he says. He made a lot of money off investments so he must be a billionaire. He says, “I believe that agricultural land, productive land with water on site will be very valuable in the future.” He said this in a Bloomberg Television interview scheduled for broadcast this morning in New York. He goes on and says, “I put a good amount of money into that.” Not everybody who has a lot of money is thinking this way but why is he thinking this way? And if you’re not, why are you not thinking this way because you are God’s people! You’re the ones in prayer. You’re the ones that believe the Garden of Eden was made for Adam and he was given domain over all the earth and all seed-bearing plants and that the only occupation ordained by God was gardening. He gave man “the” Garden of Eden. It’s the only occupation ordained by God. People say, “Well, I don’t want to garden.” Well, then if you’ve got money then build or buy a plantation. Build some cottages for some other good Christian families. Let them live with you in community. Build a home school, a little bitty chapel on the grounds, pray there, grow things and then through your investment in a way of life you will have a good supply of home grown food, while birthing the new culture which is coming. This is the future. This is a better investment of your funds. You’ve got a good, stable circle from the ground to drawing fruits from your labor, providing life’s needs, cycling back to the ground for the next year. As Spring and Summer follows Fall and Winter you tap into life’s cycle and it will be as God said when He made the earth, “He saw that it was good.” If you’ve got means to establish this you can sustain it by selling the surplus in your self-running system. Contemplate: You do not have to make money because that’s not the purpose; you only have to break even. Grow and raise enough to eat and use the surplus to off-set costs for what you grow. A Christian-type plantation. Contemplate. Recollect. Think about this. What is coming our way, economically? The collapse of the economy is inevitable but the economic woes are not the only woes headed our way like a freight train. There are a lot of woes coming. So what do we do? We cannot save ourselves. It’s not about buying silver rounds that’s going to save you, but seeking first God’s kingdom, His way. Everything else will be given to you besides. The one ounce per silver Miraculous Medal Medjugorje Round is a bridge to help you get there. And all that is threatening our lives, woes that are coming, can be stopped by seeking first the kingdom of God which leads to a new way of life. We can not vacate our Christian life to others. The woes are not going to be stopped by being lenient and let’s be tolerant. I don’t have to apologize for being Christian. I don’t have to apologize for this nation being Christian. I don’t have to apologize for my belief that if other people come to this country with expectations, that they become Americans if they want this nation’s offerings. You don’t have to apologize for that. Or if you’re German that people immigrating to Germany that they accept the German culture and abide by it. Or if you’re French, that they be French. The French have a heritage and they don’t have to cave in to other people who are immigrating to their country. If they do, they’re stupid. Their parliament is stupid. They are giving away their entire heritage and they’re no higher in their IQ than a fool. Completely idiotic, but they think they’ve got wisdom. They think they’re smart because they think the way the world thinks and because of that God has allowed their blindness, because of their sins. We are no different. We are traveling the same path. Because of the sins of our culture, what we’ve accepted in the culture, we’re going to be dominated. There are Bible burnings all over the world right now, Bibles being burned in several countries. But people won’t burn a Koran because an uproar would occur. But we Christians are the weaker people who live our faith so poorly that Bibles can be burned without even a whisper of opposition. We’re weaker. So you’d better get your act together. You’ve got a time of grace now, not tomorrow. You need to act. It Ain’t Gonna Happen is not a should read, not a must read, but a have to read. Buy it for everybody, for Christmas presents. If someone can’t afford it, we’ll send you one for free. It’s not about money for us. It’s about changing your mentality, getting in the right concepts, the right ideas of seeking first God’s kingdom. You need to be in an environment where you can do that, because in the culture that exists you can’t. It prevents you. It stops you. And so that system is going to be squashed either through some uprising with what’s happening with the migration that is happening in every developed country in order to dominate it or other things such as the economic fall of the dollar and other currencies and/or all in one. It’s going to be a multi-front assault against you. So how are you going to position yourself? And I don’t say or think it’s your investments that are your protection. No. I say it’s a spiritual protection. What’s the safest place for you? Community life.

Frank: And the best thing I think you can do for your future and your family’s future is to spread this book, It Ain’t Gonna Happen, locally. Read article 1 section 10 of the Constitution and pray and say why did our founding fathers feel this strongly? Why is only gold and silver to be money?

F.O.M.: Let me clarify that. It can be dollars as long as it’s backed by gold or silver, but our dollars are not and that’s the difference. And why, Frank, why did they say that anybody that does not do this, they receive the penalty of death? Why is that so harsh? It seems so harsh to us now.

Frank: That’s what they freed themselves from. That’s why they came over here. They founded this country for God, they founded this country for freedom, the Biblical verses that you just read and I think everyone should copy and read them in prayer. This is what I was led to do years ago from my relationship in getting closer to you and the community, closer to Our Lady’s prophetic messages. Understand what it is. God makes a system of freedom and they were oppressed by a system of tyranny, came over here and founded this nation for God and in prayer they said this is how we’re going to be a free nation. Why did 30 shekels buy a whole field? And transitionally this is why this is a safe place to be transitionally.

F.O.M.: And don’t call Frank if you want to buy bars or buy other silver. This is secular stuff. Silver bars or other silver is destined to do you no good because as Scripture relays, “On the day of judgment, silver nor gold will do you good.” The purpose of this project of Caritas is religious. To use what you have and to put your funds into a religious silver round, not necessarily to be given away, you don’t have to give it away, you can hold it, using it transitionally. But this silver round that is struck with Our Lady’s image on it, is about Medjugorje and exposing people to the messages which the Medjugorje Miraculous Medjugorje Round promotes. Already 400,000 Miraculous Medal Medjugorje Rounds have been struck and will one day start circulating into the culture, bringing conversion. It is a beautiful thing to exchange what you have for these rounds. As you spend them, using them in your retirement, for real estate, life needs, etc., they will begin to circulate and spread out into society, bringing conversion. As you use them for goods and services that you need, they will also be used for the grace of conversion.

Frank: And there’s a very good physical point here to make. The American eagles that the government makes they have stopped making them, the price is going to go up on their mint and so you’d be paying as much for these bars as these Miraculous Medal Medjugorje Rounds now. We’re doing everything we can to keep this price here. Will you get as much for the bars that aren’t in a one ounce form? How will you purchase goods and services with heavy bars in the future? They’re not as valuable. And so the one ounce Miraculous Medal Medjugorje Round is the efficient way. You don’t want anything else. People ask me all the time, and when I explain what they read in It Ain’t Gonna Happen, they realize and say they want to put it all physically in Our Lady’s rounds. They like the idea of using their money to bring people to conversion and at the same time, still have full use of it and also the good chance of it increasing in value.

F.O.M.: How’re you going to exchange a 68 pound, or 1000 ounce bar?
Frank: These Miraculous Medal Medjugorje Rounds are in high demand. They’re in high demand and you want something that’s in high demand from a physical standpoint but, it has an infinitely greater value than any other form because of this powerful sacramental.

F.O.M.: We’re out of time, but I want to ask you one quick question, quick answer. Are people just buying 20 rounds or so, or do you have people that are actually putting millions of dollars into this? Which I know the answer but I want the listeners to understand …

Frank: Absolutely, there are people who read this book and say it is so clear to me that it would be wrong not to do something. We’ve seen millions going into the rounds and we’ll see it again in the future.

F.O.M.: I wanted to make that point because its not just people saying, “Well, I don’t have a lot of money, so I’ll put a little bit in,” but people that have very large funds and they’re getting the rounds in large amounts. That’s one of the big surprises us that they’re seeing it. And they’re spiritual people. The ones that have millions of dollars and aren’t spiritual people don’t see it, which is probably a good thing. It helps keep the price per ounce down for now. Anyway we’re out of time. Frank would you give your contact information:

Frank: The phone number’s 1.877.936.7686 and you can email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and there is contact information and basic general questions on

: And folks you don’t have forever to do this. This is something that there’s just going to be so many people that can get through the door when everybody rushes for the door. Not everybody can get out of the building just like a fire, when things start to come unglued. That is what is coming and it’s not doomsday, it’s not trying to put a weight or damper on you, I mean we’ve got hope. Our Lady says there’s only one attitude for the future for a Christian and that’s hope. It’s not disaster. But then it takes a lot of decision making, getting in Our Lady’s way and following Her on that way. Walk that way and act on it. So until next time, we wish you Our Lady, we love you.

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