Past Messages for Nonbelievers given to Mirjana

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February 2, 1997

Mirjana continued to see Our Lady monthly for the next seven years. There was no emphasis on making people aware of these important second of the month apparitions until Our Lady finally broke it open. Many have been waiting for this for years.The following is Mirjana’s account of Our Lady’s visit with her on February 2, 1997:

“Please tell everyone that Our Lady’s apparition to me on the 2nd of the month will now be like the regular apparitions to Vicka, Ivan, Jakov, and Marija. Our Lady said that whoever wants to be present at that apparition can come. Our Lady said that much prayer is needed for those who have not yet come to know the love of God. This is all.”


March 2, 1997

On March 2, 1997, Mirjana received her apparition at the Blue Cross for about four minutes, surrounded by several hundred people. She was serious and stated that Our Lady wept from beginning to end. Our Lady gave the following message:

“Dear children, pray for your brothers who haven’t experienced the love of the Father, for those whose only importance is life on earth. Open your hearts towards them and see in them my Son, who loves them. Be my light and illuminate all souls where darkness reigns. Thank you for having responded to my call.




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