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January 25, 1988

“Thank you for this evening, you have helped me very much. Continue to pray for my intentions.”

February 1, 1988

“Prepare yourself for the time of Lent by renouncing something. During Lent I will need your help for the accomplishment and fulfillment of all my plans.”

February 8, 1988

“I’m asking you, yourself, to decide for the way of holiness. Dear children, I want to help you.”

She went back to the sky joyfully as always.

February 15, 1988

“Be the reflection of Jesus. This way, you will be His witnesses in your lives; but you cannot be His reflection without prayer.”

February 22, 1988

“Thank you for the things you have renounced during Lent. Most of all, renounce sin. Be light, to shine for others. Encourage others to prayer, fasting, and penance. Give love to others.”

February 29, 1988

“Dear children, give all problems and difficulties to Jesus and pray. Pray, pray, pray! Every evening during this month, pray in front of the Crucifix in thanksgiving until the death of Jesus.”

March 7, 1988

“I am your Mother and I want to warn you that satan wants to destroy everything we have started, so pray alot.”

March 14, 1988

“Dear children, in this period of Lent satan is trying by every means to destroy in you what we have started. I warn you as a Mother, let prayer be your weapon against him.”

March 21, 1988

“Dear children, today again your Mother wants to warn you that satan, by every means possible, wants to ruin everything in you; but your prayers prevent him from succeeding. When you fill up all the empty spaces with prayer, you prevent satan from entering your soul. Pray, dear children, and your Mother will pray with you to defeat satan. May this time be the time in which all of us give and distribute peace to others. Therefore, please spread peace in your homes, in your families, in the streets, and everywhere.”

March 28, 1988

“Pray as much as you can before Easter. Everyday pray two hours before the Crucifix.”

April 4, 1988

“Give love and joy to others and pray for peace.”

April 11, 1988

“Dear children, I am your Mother and I am asking you to convert. Pray now for people who curse against the Name of God.”

April 18, 1988

No apparition.

May 9, 1988

“May this month be for you the month of the Rosary and reading your Bible. satan wants to disturb your plans.”

May 21, 1988

Our Lady came joyfully. She prayed The Lord’s Prayer and one Glory Be with the visionary as She always does.

June 6, 1988

“Dear children, it’s going to be seven years soon that I have been coming to you. I ask you to renew in yourselves the messages I have given to you. These are messages of prayer, peace, fasting, and penance. Make some penance yourselves. All of the other messages come from these four basic ones, but also live the other ones. Thank you for responding to my call. I am your Mother. Open your heart to the grace.”

June 13, 1988

Our Lady repeated Monday’s message (June 6, 1988).

June 23, 1988

“Dear children, I am happy and so is my Son. Go to Confession to have a pure heart for the anniversary. Come to pray on the hill tomorrow between ten and midnight, but I will not appear.”

June 27, 1988

“Dear children, your Mother loves you all. I’m happy to see you here, dear children. I give you love; give this love to others. Be peace workers. Help the others to change their lives. I give you might, dear children; with this might, you can bear everything. May this might make you strong in everything. You need it; that is why I give you might.”

July 4, 1988

“Dear children, I am your Mother and I warn you this time istime of temptation. satan is trying to find emptiness in you, so he can enter and destroy you. DO NOT SURRENDER! I pray with you. Do not pray just with your lips, but pray with the heart. In this way prayer will obtain victory!”

August 1, 1988

“I ask you to praylot these days before Friday. I would like you to live this Friday in joy. I also ask you tonight, when you go to your houses, to pray the Glorious Mysteries in front of the Crucifix.”

August 4, 1988

“My dear children, tonight my Son has sent me among you. I am happy with you. I am happy to see you in suchlarge number. I would like your joy to remain this whole day. Live this joy in prayer, live in joy. I give you love so you can live with love. Extend love around you. Your Mother loves you. I am happy tonight. I want your cooperation. I want to work with you. Your cooperation is necessary to me. I cannot do anything without you."

August 8, 1988

“Dear children, your Mother asks you to pray for all the young people in the world. Renew yourselves in prayer before the feast day.”

August 12, 1988

“Dear children, your Mother asks you to pray as much as you can during these two days. Prepare yourselves in prayer for the feast to come. Dear children, I would like to tell you to bring peace to others during these days. Encourage others to change. You cannot, dear children, give peace if you, yourselves, are not at inner peace. Tonight I give you peace. Give peace to others! Dear children, be a light that shines. I ask you pray the Glorious Mysteries when you go back to your homes tonight. Pray them in front of the Crucifix.”

August 15, 1988 (Special Blessing)

(FEAST OF THE ASSUMPTION and the end of the Marian Year)

“Dear children, from today on I would like you to start a New Year, the Year of the Young People. During this year pray for the young people; talk with them. Young people find themselves now invery difficult situation. Help each other. I think about you inspecial way, dear children. Young people have a role to play in the Church now. Pray, dear children.”

August 19, 1988

“Dear children, I would like this time to be the time of decision. Make a decision, dear children, follow me, follow me! I cannot do anything, and I want to do alot, but I cannot do it without you. Your decisions are weak! Pray, dear children, during this time. Only through prayer can you receive this strength, this vigor. I will help you, dear children.”

August 22, 1988

“My dear children, with your prayers you have helped me to fulfill the plan. Praised be Jesus, my dear children. Dear children, I would like to tell you tonight, during these days especially pray for the young. I would like to recommend to ‘my’ priests to create and organize groups where young people are taught and given good advice for their lives. You, dear children, who are present tonight, you, must be the messengers of the good word of peace to others, to young people especially. Your Mother wants to pray for you all tonight.”

August 29, 1988

“Dear children, thank God, the Creator, even for little things. I would like you to thank God for your family, for the place where you work, and for the people God puts in your way.”

September 5, 1988

“My dear children, tonight your Mother warns you that in this time satan desires you and is looking for you!  A little spiritual emptiness in you is enough for satan to work in you. For this reason your Mother invites you to begin to pray. May your weapon be prayer. With prayer with the heart you will overcome satan. Your Mother invites you to pray for the young people in the whole world.”

September 9, 1988

“Dear children, tonight also your Mother is warning that satan is at work. I would like you to pay special attention to the fact that satan is at work in a special way with the young. Dear children, during this period I would like you to pray in your families with your children. I would like you to talk with your children. I would like you to exchange your experiences and help them to solve all their problems. I will pray, dear children, for the young, for all of you. Pray, dear children. Prayer is medicine that heals.”

September 12, 1988

The message for tonight’s encounter is:

Our Lady calls us all to pray during this time for the hungry and poor people in the whole world. She thanks us in a special way tonight because we helped Her to fulfill the plan.

October 17, 1988

“Dear children, tonight your Mother is happy, joyful together with you. I would like to extend happiness to you. I would like to give you love, so you can bring this love and spread it to others. I would like to give you peace, so you can give this peace to others, so you can give this peace especially to families where hatred exists. I would like you, dear children, to renew the family prayer, all of you. I would like you to encourage others to renew this prayer. Your Mother will help you.”

October 24, 1988

“Dear children, your Mother wants to call you to pray for the young of the whole world, for the parents of the whole world so they know how to educate their children and how to lead them in life with good advice. Pray, dear children; the situation of the young is difficult. Help them! Help parents who don’t know, who give bad advice!”

October 31, 1988

“Dear children, tonight your Mother wants to encourage you to begin to pray with the heart. This prayer is necessary to today’s human being for today’s world. Do not pray just with your lips. Do not pray if you don’t know what you pray. During this period too, dear children, I need your prayers, because I have great plans. I want to collaborate with you. I have repeated that many times in my messages. I need you. Because of that, pray, pray with the heart!”

November 7, 1988

“Dear children, this istime for grace. That is why I would like you to pray as much as you can during this time. Especially, I would like you to renew the family prayer!”

November 11, 1988 (Special Blessing)

Our Lady appeared with five angels and gave a Special Blessing during the 30-minute apparition to Vicka.

“Dear children, you know this time is a time of special graces; that is why I ask you to renew in you the messages that I give. Live those messages with the heart.”

November 14, 1988

To Vicka:

“Dear children, I bless you with my Motherly Blessing, and I ask you to be the carriers of my peace and to pray for peace in the world.”

December 24, 1988

“My dear children, these are days of joy. Give me all your problems and live in joy.”


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