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April 16, 1992

Ivan’s words regarding the Holy Thursday message which was given in a basement shelter because of the bombing:

“In that message, Our Lady invited us to persevere in prayer so that in a fervent prayer we can be able to defeat evil. In that message, She repeated something She already said in the beginning of the apparitions - that war can be stopped by fasting and praying. Therefore, it is for usstrong reason to pray, to be closer to God, so that with Him and with Mary together, we may defeat all that is imposed on us now.”

June 24, 1992

“Praise be to Jesus! I am bringing you peace; bring peace to others. You are the ones who will bring peace to the world.”

June 29, 1992

“Dear children, tonight inspecial way I want to invite you to surrender completely to me. Give me all your problems and difficulties. I especially want from you to renew my messages in your lives. Pray, dear children, I need your prayers during this time. I thank you, dear children, that you have responded to my call.”

July 10, 1992

“I ask you to pray in a special way for Pope John Paul II and for priests.”

Ivan said that there will not be another open mountain apparition until the end of July.

August 3, 1992

“Dear children, I call you to persevere in prayer for peace.”

August 14, 1992

“Dear children, in this time I call you to pray the Rosary in your family. Pray more and pray the Rosary. Offer this Rosary for peace.”

September 4, 1992

“Dear children, today again, in a special way, I wish to invite you to pray for peace. I am in need of your prayers. Thank you, dear children, for having responded to my invitation.”

September 12, 1992

“Dear children, I call you to persevere in your prayer for peace.”

October 2, 1992

“Dear children, tonight also your Mother wishes to call (invite) you inspecial way to pray at this time. Dear children, satan, in this time, wishes to act through small, small things, dear children. Therefore pray! In this time, satan is strong and he desires to change your direction*; also my plan of peace, he wishes to destroy.”

† The Croatian word, skrenuti, was used which means change your direction, divert your attention toward something else.

December 14, 1992

“Tonight I invite you in a very special manner to renew your family prayer; and during your family prayer, dear children, read especially the special passages in the Bible that concern Advent. Pray, dear children, especially during this time, and amongst your prayers prepare yourselves for the great day that is coming, that this Christmas will be different from the other Christmases, that it will be joyous, dear children. Remember, dear children, how we were happy in the stable when my Son was born! May your family be happy and all those present in the stable.”


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