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April 25, 1995

Our Lady came joyful and like each time has greeted us, “Praise be Jesus Christ.” First She prayed over us with extended hands, and She prayed a long time with a language Vicka had not heard before (not of this earth). Vicka said, “It’s not earthly language.” Our Lady gave the following message:

“Dear children, I still have many messages to give you but your hearts are closed and far away from my messages. I am in much need of your prayers.”

Vicka then recommended all who were present and prayed for them. Our Lady then left saying, “Go in the Peace of God.” Our Lady told Vicka the next apparition would be Friday night at 11:00 p.m.on Cross Mountain.

June 23, 1995

Tonight Our Lady came joyful. She greeted us all with “Praise be Jesus, my dear children.” After that She prayed over us with Her hands extended and She blessed us all. After that, I recommended all of you and all of your intentions that you came with. After that, Our Lady said:

“Dear children, I am happy to see you here tonight in such large number. I wish to invite you all in a special way today to pray for the conversion of sinners.”

After that, we prayed with Her for that same intention. We prayed with Her an Our Father andGlory Be. After that, Our Lady left in the sign of the light of the Cross and greeted us with “Go in Peace, my dear children.”

August 15, 1995 (ASSUMPTION)

Our Lady appeared on Apparition Hill at 10:30 pm. Ivan said Our Lady came dressed in gold and was very joyful. She also came with three angels. Ivan recommended all of us and our intentions, especially the sick. Our Lady’s message:

“Dear children, in this joyful time, be tireless in prayer. Pray, pray, pray.”

She then prayed one Our Father and one Glory Be with Ivan. She left in the light of the cross saying, “Go in Peace, my dear children.”


Sr. Emmanuel reported this in her newsletter dated October 15, 1995:

I cannot hide from you the message given to us one night on Krizevac by Our Lady which greatly saddened me.crowd was gathered near the Cross and after 16 minutes of apparition, Vicka gave us these words:

“Dear children, I have new messages for you, but I cannot give them to you, since you are not living the messages that I already gave you. Dear children, look at these previous messages and put them into practice. Then I will be able to give you the other messages, so that you may go forward.”


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