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March 18, 1989 - Mirjana's Annual Apparition

This is Mirjana’s Birthday Apparition. Our Lady appeared sad, very sad. This is rare. Our Lady then said:

“One more time I beseech all of you to pray, to help by your prayers the unbelievers, those who do not have the grace to experience God in their hearts with a living faith. I do not want to threaten again! My wish is just to warn you all as a Mother. I beg you for people who do not know about the secrets.... I want to tell you how I suffer for all because I am the Mother of all.”


June 25, 1989 - Ivanka's Annual Apparition

This is Ivanka’s Annual Apparition which lasted approximately eight minutes in all. In 1988, Our Lady spoke to her about the third and fourth secrets and in 1989, as if continuing that discussion, She spoke about the fifth secret. After the apparition, Ivanka immediately wrote down an important message which Our Lady had given her. The following is the message:

“Pray because you are in great temptation and danger because the world and material goods lead you into slavery. satan is active in this plan. I want to help each of you in prayer. I am interceding to my Son for you.”




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