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Juliet A Calabrese
Chicago, Illinois - USA
I had a tooth pulled yesterday so I'm bedridden. I had not read this family history before. I read the messages of our lady. Today I read the family history. I'm so happy to read it. I'm Italian American too. I love the part about your grandchild being at the cemetery in the old country where all the names on the graves are yours. I am thrilled you love Mary. I am happy to finally have been brave enough to get the offending horrible tooth out. Thanks to Missionaries of charity prayers. I want teeth implants. Its boring hearing of my dental trauma but if I wasn't laid up from the surgery I wouldn't have read the site. I am so delighted to read about a loving Italian home. Thank you.
Holmdel, New Jersey - USA
After reading A Friend Of Medjugorie's biography last summer, I decided to try to 15 prayers to St. Bridget. We were there in July for Rosary in the Field, Bedroom of Apparitions and the Way of the Cross. I came home renewed and began praying the prayers. I finished my year this August 30th! I then had my house Consecrated to the two Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Thank you for being an inspiration. Yvette
Crivitz, Wisconsin - USA

Beautiful and inspiring. This ol, eighty year Old retired military sergeant, Vietnam vet, Doing well with unhappy memories made well By listening to your program and daily rosary to Our Lady. The tree story is truly Wonderful. I will pass it on to my fellow Knights of Columbus. Thank you My a Mother Mary for the Friend Of Medjugorje.