Caritas of Birmingham

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The pie charts below provide a graphical representation of how, in each year of its history, the donations received by Caritas of Birmingham have been utilized. Year after year since its beginning, Caritas has been in the top tier of financial efficiency for non-profits in the United States.

1993-pie-chart 1994-pie-chart 1995-pie-chart 1996-pie-chart
1997-pie-chart 1998-pie-chart 1999-pie-chart 2000-pie-chart
2001-pie-chart 2002-pie-chart 2003-pie-chart 2004-pie-chart
2005-pie-chart 2006-pie-chart 2007-pie-chart 2008-pie-chart
2009-pie-chart 2010-pie-chart 2011-pie-chart 2012-pie-chart
2013-pie-chart 2014-pie-chart 2014-pie-chart

** To understand the legal fees incurred during the years 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2008 due to lawsuits filed against Caritas of Birmingham, visit How to Respond to Persecution.

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