Caritas of Birmingham

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The king of darkness, satan, desires the souls of your children. But, before he possesses their soul, he must first possess their mind. That parents today would allow their children to be taught by those with other value systems, often directly opposed and antagonistic to a Christian worldview, would be thought to be madness in another time. Today, in community, we see it as madness. Many are letting the schools, even Catholic schools, and the culture teach their children tolerance toward sin and revision of history, which are among the nicer things that can be said. Education systems today, among many other things, place our youth, as Our Lady Herself says, in a very difficult situation. Allowing children to be molded and shaped by a godless agenda is no different than allowing children to play in a den of poisonous snakes. 

Our Lady has come to bring the light of Her Son into our darkness. She has also shown Herself to be very concerned for the youth of the world. She speaks about how materialism and consumerism are evil spirits in the world that makes people selfish, even to the point of placing many things above the protection of their own children's hearts. Many parents today suffer from this selfishness, and one can only shudder at what God thinks of such a grave offense to the innocence of children, an offense that is often masked as “providing a good education” for their child or “what is best for the children.”

Just as Our Lady taught Jesus, the founder of Caritas wanted the spirit of Our Lady in the school of the community so that our children would learn Her Way of Life, Her lessons, and Her wisdom. The community school first opened its doors in the fall of 1993 for this purpose. A Friend of Medjugorje wrote a prayer for the school that is prayed every morning by all the students. At the heart of the prayer is this line:

“The most important lesson to learn is not from a book but how to love.”

The school year is greatly anticipated by the students each September because a new theme is chosen through prayer during the summer months and kept a secret until the children assemble on the first day of school. This one-room schoolhouse will bring you into our life and into the lives of our children. It is part of how we protect their innocence, preserve tradition and continue a heritage given to us by Our Lady through great sacrifice.

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