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In an effort to reach even more people, we have developed an improved and optimized version of Medjugorje.com for iPhone. The new version works on iPhone, Blackberry, and any other portable device capable of browsing the internet. Any person who visits Medjugorje.com over their iPhone or Blackberry will automatically be routed to the optimized version.

While those who browse our site on such a device is a small percentage of users, we understand that many travel today and do not want to lose their connection with Medjugorje. You have access to the latest articles, and most of the features of Medjugorje.com, no matter where you are.

You can send a petition from your iPhone or Blackberry. You can download the latest Radio WAVE show and listen while on a business or family trip. And the list goes on. Our hope and prayer is to reach souls in every avenue available. Thank you for your prayers and for supporting Medjugorje.com.

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