History of Apparitions in the Bedroom and Field

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What Happened on April 30, 2004

Medjugorje visionary Marija arrived at Caritas at approximately 8:00 PM on April 30th. On April 29th, Our Lady delayed the apparition on April 30th until she arrived at the Founder of Cartias' home. The Community gathered in the Bedroom and prayed a Rosary in preparation for the apparition. The apparition took place around 9:40 PM. Marija relayed to the community that Our Lady came and She prayed over them and blessed them all. A quiet peace filled the hearts of those gathered. The Founder asked Marija to ask Our Lady when She would appear the next day (May 1st), because of the thousands who would be gathered in the Field the next day. Our Lady surprised them all with the following words:

"I will appear here (in the Bedroom) tomorrow in the morning, and I will appear the day after tomorrow in the Field in the evening near the tree."

This was significant to the community and surprising, as Our Lady knew that there would be a large group of people gathered in the Field of Apparitions for apparition time on May 1st, yet She said She would appear in the Bedroom. Our Lady has not done this since Her first visit to Caritas in 1988-89, which centered around the Bedroom, as all the apparitions during Marija's two and a half month visit took place in the Bedroom, except for the one that took place in the Field on Thanksgiving Day, November 24, 1988. Our Lady said that She would bless those gathered in the Field for the apparition, as well as those in the Bedroom. Another aspect of this apparition that is significant is that Our Lady said "in the Field, near the tree." Our Lady has never mentioned the pine tree before. By these words, it was a joy for the community that Our Lady referenced the place She would appear as well as referenced the Bedroom as "here." It has been believed by many, for a long time, that the site has significance, of not just an experience, and in which Marija's apparitions are just there because Marija is there, but rather by a plan of Our Lady.

The Field of Apparitions

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