History of Apparitions in the Bedroom and Field

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What Happened on February 15, 2009


Marija spoke after the apparition today. When the apparition ended, all those present moved to the living room and took whatever space was available, on chairs and couches, on steps leading upstairs, on the floor or leaning against a wall. The living room was filled with very attentive faces.

Marija’s Description of the Apparition on Sunday, February 15, 2009 in the Bedroom

In moment of apparition when Our Lady come I recommend all our intentions and Our Lady pray over us and She bless us all.

The apparition lasted one minute and 20 seconds. Our Lady said tomorrow’s apparition would be, “Same time. Same place.”


Today’s apparition was typical of what Marija normally experiences on a daily basis with Our Lady. The apparition lasted less than two minutes, Our Lady came, She blessed and She left. However, it is always sweet to hear from Marija the words of Our Lady in regards to Marija’s question, “When and where do you wish to have the apparition tomorrow?” Our Lady’s response: “Same time, same place.”

It became an everyday routine that after the apparition, Marija would go into the living room and tell stories about her experiences with Our Lady. Some, hearing Marija was here and driving all night long to come to the Field, never dreamed they would be picked and invited into the Bedroom for the apparition, or be able to be so close to Marija and hear her speak. It was a beautiful intimate experience—and the surprise from the beginning of Our Lady’s visit on February 11, 2009 continued in the lives of many people who with a spontaneous decision to come just to receive Her blessing while in the Field, found themselves ushered into Her actual presence. Here are just a few of the testimonies we received after this grace-filled week with Our Lady in Her apparitions.

For the believer, everything speaks to us biblically. A young family from San Antonio, Texas had heard about Caritas from a friend. They had wanted to come for a visit and suddenly felt compelled to drop everything and come now. They were walking around the Field on Sunday, February 15th, when a community member spotted them and asked if they knew Marija was here. They had not known and they were invited to attend the apparition the following day. We received a letter from them after they returned home from their visit.

Dear A Friend of Medjugorje and Family, and Marija and Family,
My family would like to thank you again for inviting us to be witnesses to Our Lady’s divine love. When we arrived to Caritas on Sunday, no one was around. It was strange, but we feel Our Lady wanted it like that. We sat alone as a family on Sunday, February 15, 2009, feeling Our Blessed Mothers’ presence as the wind blew, and we read Her message etched on the altar in the Field. “When the wind blows know that I am with you…” dated February 15, 1984. Here we are exactly 25 years later from that date of Her message. She is so here with us all. Thanks for saying “yes” to Our Lord and His Mother, Our Blessed Virgin Mary. She has been instrumental in showing and teaching us how to come to Our Lord, Jesus Christ. Many blessings to you all, and as a family we are spreading Her love to everyone we meet in San Antonio, Texas. We hope to see you again real soon.
Much Love in Jesus and Mary,

San Antonio, Texas

In a separate letter, the husband of the wife above wrote:

“Our trip to Caritas was unexpected. I wanted to go fishing at the coast to get away, but was compelled to go to Caritas. I only heard of Caritas through my wife, and as soon as I mentioned about going, my wife was already packing. There was a feeling of urgency that we had to go. I just finished a construction project that took us three months to do, including weekends. It was hard…Long story short, we show up on Sunday afternoon and my wife met one of the community and we heard of the surprise. We did not know that Marija had come in…We are very excited that we were in the place where our Blessed Mother had appeared. After coming back home we feel completely different as if we are suppose to pass the graces…Thank you for saying yes to Her and allowing our Mother to bring us closer to our Lord. May god bless you all.

San Antonio, Texas


Some call it the altar of the family—the bed from which life begins, and until just recent times, where mortal life ended and eternal life began. When a soul enters the world, so much of its destiny is determined by what kind of family he is born into. The visionaries have told us that children learn of God and of God’s love primarily through the love that is expressed between their father and mother. In so many marriages today, a child never experiences love between his parents, and therefore, never learns to trust or believe in a loving God. That is why Our Lady appears in this Bedroom, to lead Her children to understand the grave responsibility of the parents to teach their children, through the love and respect they show to the other, that God created them, loves them, and desires them always to be with Him forever in Heaven.

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