History of Apparitions in the Bedroom and Field


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What Happened on January 19, 1989


January 18, 1989, 5:40 p.m.

"Pray for my intentions."

January 19, 1989, 5:45 p.m.

"I ask you to pray and demand, asking boldly for the graces from me. I will intercede in front of God for you."


Caritas’ founder, also known as A Friend of Medjugorje, has always taken Our Lady at Her word. One can readily see the impact of the above messages of Our Lady, given on January 18 and 19, 1989 in his home, in the prayers and writings of A Friend of Medjugorje. Throughout the 25 years of his writings, “praying for Our Lady’s intentions” and “demand, asking boldly for the graces” are prevalent in his approach to Our Lady in seeking to help spread Her messages and plans around the world.


Praying for Our Lady’s intentions has become part of the spiritual fabric of the community, woven into every prayer, into every event, and into everyday life. When Our Lady revealed to Medjugorje visionary Marija that She desired for a community to begin here at Caritas, it was the greatest comfort to the founder, who was filled with questions of how this was to happen, to pray for Our Lady’s intentions. She knew how it was to happen. He was simply to pray in union with Her intentions, and God’s will would manifest. Simple—but not easy. It was a walk in faith. But through this walk, this has become a part of “the way” of the community. Praying for Our Lady’s intentions brings peace.


Our Lady’s message of January 19, 1989 was more than an invitation, but rather a great encouragement to strike out boldly in spreading Medjugorje by whatever means imaginable. One has only to observe Caritas’ history to judge how much these words impacted the heart of its founder. Less than a month from the time Marija first arrived in Alabama, the date being November 18, 1988, Our Lady gave the following message in Medjugorje:


October 31, 1988

"Dear children, tonight your Mother wants to encourage you to begin to pray with the heart...During this period too, dear children, I need your prayers, because I have great plans. I want to collaborate with you. I have repeated that many times in my messages. I need you. Because of that, pray, pray with the heart!"


Our Lady was looking for those who wanted to collaborate with Her in what She called “great plans.” When Our Lady arrived in Alabama, She immediately began giving messages every day, saying that She was here to help us, and setting forth a foundation for a strong spiritual life based in Her messages. The invitation was given by Our Lady in the home of the founder. It was accepted by him and the great fruit Caritas’ mission has produced over the past quarter of a century, through the grace of God, testifies to the collaboration between the two, with the Caritas community coming in union with Our Lady’s plans through the living out of Her messages in their daily lives.



Our Lady entered into this home and family to teach “a way” of holiness. She did not choose a perfect couple, or a perfect family—rather, She chose a typical American family that was impacted and influenced by the culture of our day along with everyone else. When Our Lady began appearing to the young visionaries in Medjugorje, they asked Her why She chose them. Her reply was, “I do not necessarily choose the best.” In not choosing “the best” She showed the world, through Her visionaries, how it is possible for an average person to begin living a holy way of life. In the same way, in choosing a typical 20th century family, Our Lady led them through a dense dark forest where there was no path, to a better life, a holier life, a life of peace. That path became a bridge for others to cross who desired the same. She made a “witness” to this better life through their collaboration with Her and with Her messages. In the words of Caritas’ founder: “We do not claim to be a holy people. We are sinners, like everyone else. We do claim, however, to be living a holy way of life, a life called into being by the Queen of Heaven who birthed it, nurtured it, protected it and has been involved in its growth from the beginning.”

R. Renee Reams
Tallahassee, Florida - USA

Oh my goodness... this writing was such a positive confirmation of how our one Hail Mary or one full Rosary, if offered up for Our Lady's Intentions, can, with Her Immaculate blessing. bring about such great miracles. Caritas is a miracle because one man dared to pray for Her Intentions and boldly demanded 4 Graces from Our Lady... and birthed Caritas... and drew hundreds of hundred millions to Her thru the writings and "way" of Caritas. She especially draws those who say I am nothing and I have nothing to give Our Lady... Thanks be to Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Amen

Stratton, Nebraska - USA
There are so many things that seem so very inconsistent. How can someone so insignificant, inconsistent, sinful and low life as I am be of any help with my puny efforts to pray be of help to the most Holy Powerful, Magnificent Woman who ever existed? I am old and weak and sickly and don't even always have a way or make it to Mass. Are even my puny prayers of any use to her at all??