History of Apparitions in the Bedroom and Field


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What Happened on January 20, 1989

January 20, 1989, 5:40 p.m.

No public message; however, Our Lady did give a private message for someone in the room.


A private question was presented to Our Lady by Caritas’ founder. He had discussed this message with Marija before having her present it to Our Lady. Marija cautioned him by saying that She had never known Our Lady to answer “yes” to this particular question when others had asked it. This did not deter him as he felt strongly in his heart to ask it of Our Lady. If She said “no,” he would be at peace that this was the will of God. After the apparition, Marija was surprised that Our Lady had not said “no” but rather that She would inform him at a later time. Though Our Lady did not say “yes”, She had left the possibility open of saying yes in the future, rather than closing the door to any possibility.

Thirteen years later, while Marija was present at Caritas for the Seven Days of Prayer for the Reconciliation of Ourselves, Our Families and Our Nation Back to God, December 8-14, 2001, the founder approached Our Lady, through Marija, with the question, as no answer had yet been given. Following is Marija’s description of that apparition in which only the Caritas Community was present in the Bedroom:

December 15, 2001

When Our Lady came, I recommended each of us and all our intentions in our hearts. Our Lady prayed over us for a long time. I presented a private question to Our Lady. Immediately upon asking the question, Our Lady smiled and gave a private answer. Our Lady looked at each of us and then blessed us. She ascended back to Heaven, saying, "Go in peace." Our Lady was very happy and joyful during this apparition.

Through the years the founder had asked Our Lady this question on several occasions, never receiving an affirmative message. However, he, along with the community, was very happy in that in this apparition of December 15, 2001, Our Lady gave an indication of a positive answer, though they continue to wait on the fullness of Her answer. Our Lady’s joy in this apparition also encouraged them to wait patiently for Heaven’s timing in regards to this question.


sun rise

There were many physical manifestations of the spiritual reality of Our Lady’s apparitions that were seen by many pilgrims over the 2 ½ months Our Lady appeared at Caritas to visionary Marija in 1988-1989. On one occasion, on a sunny day when there had been no rain or overcast skies, a wonder appeared in the sky that touched all those who had come to pray on this day. This picture poorly captures the event, for the reality of it came in brilliant colors. A full rainbow had appeared that encompassed the entire Field where Our Lady had appeared. On top of that, another full inverted rainbow appeared where the tips of both rainbows were touching. And then a third rainbow appeared encompassing both of the other rainbows, too large to even fit into the camera lens. All three rainbows could be fully seen—and it was an amazing and moving site. On this sunny day, these rainbows continued to be seen for almost a full hour—seen by everyone present. Everyone knew it was a miracle and they stood and looked at it until it finally faded away. The rainbow, of course, is a symbol of God’s promise or covenant with His people. It was a very meaningful sign that continues to impress upon the community to believe in the promises of God, especially in regards to the fulfillment of Our Lady’s plans through Medjugorje, including the answer to the above question that was asked of Her 22 years ago upon which we continue to wait.

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