History of Apparitions in the Bedroom and Field

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What Happened on July 20, 2008?

Sunday, July 20, was the last public apparition of Marija’s visit to the United States for the July 1-5, 2008 consecrations. The apparition was at 10:00 p.m. in the Bedroom. It lasted over four minutes. The following is Marija’s description of the apparition:

“In the moment of the apparition when Our Lady came, I recommended all your intentions, and Our Lady prayed over us and blessed us. She prayed over us a long time with Her hands extended. She also blessed the people in the Field.”

Marija said that Our Lady had chosen the time for tomorrow’s apparition, Monday, July 21, and that it would be in the morning before Marija’s departure.



Sunday, July 20, 2008, was Marija and her boys last full day with the Caritas Community. She would be leaving the next day in the morning. The apparition of Our Lady would be at 10:00 p.m. in the Bedroom, but the community continued to meet in the Field for their normal Rosary time prayer, coinciding with the evening Rosary being prayed in Medjugorje. As it was a hot, sultry day in the South, the sprinklers were turned on for the small children to play in while the adults prayed. However, with a sudden turn of the sprinkler head, a stream of water was aimed at the blanket where Marija and our founder’s family knelt along with other community members. A little bit of a scamble took place to try and avoid getting wet—but as it was so hot, no one really minded the cool water.

Many people are raised to believe that the only acceptable prayer to God is meditative, head bowed, hands folded, serious prayer. Certainly there are important times for this kind of prayer. But Our Lady has taught us that prayer should also be joyful. Every day the community is underneath this Pine tree in prayer, saying their daily Rosary, day after day, month after month, year after year. Often the children do funny things that make them laugh while they pray. The children of the community grow up experiencing prayer time as a time of joy, of the community stopping everything and coming together to talk with each other, laugh and pray. Some of their deepest experiences of Our Lady is in these joyful times of prayer surrounded by the beauty of God’s creation and being filled with laughter at the innocent and playful antics of the children. As Our Lady said just recently:

June 25, 2011

“…My heart is joyful watching the love and joy in the living of my messages…”

It is Our Lady’s joy that they often feel in their hearts during their daily Rosary in the Field.

medjugorje visionary marija

Marija with her third son, Marco, enjoying their last Sunday in the South in Our Lady’s Field until they return once again to their home away from home, in Sweet Home Alabama.

 medjugorje visionary Marija in extacy

Marija in ecstasy in the Bedroom the night of July 20, 2008. Her gaze is always intense in the apparition, fully absorbed. Scientists have actually identified that Marija experiences a higher form of reality when she is in ecstasy. Though her lips are momentarily silent, Marija always recommends to Our Lady the intentions of everyone gathered in Her presence. When she does this it is possible to see Marija’s lips moving, her Adam’s apple in her throat bobbing up and down, and vocal folds vibrating, yet there is no sound. Scientists cannot explain this. In fact, many scientists have become believers in the apparitions of Medjugorje after the testing actually confirmed that the experience of the visionaries is supernatural. And yet, no one can say that the visionaries are seeing what they say they are seeing, except by faith. Science will never be able to prove the Blessed Virgin Mary is appearing to these six individuals from Medjugorje. So, blessed are those who, though they do not see, believe. Blessed, indeed.

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