History of Apparitions in the Bedroom and Field

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July 9, 2008

After the apparition of July 9, 2008, Medjugorje visionary Marija and her family, with our founder and his family left for a week of family retreat. They returned on July 18, with Marija staying a few days longer before returning to Medjugorje on July 23, 2008. The apparition of July 9 was in the Bedroom at 10:00 P.M. Also on this day, new pilgrims arrived, answering the call from reading about the apparitions on Medjugorje.com to drop everything to come and be with Our Lady. Some of these pilgrims were randomly chosen from the crowd to come to the Bedroom for the apparition.

Early in the day, strong thunderstorms swept through the area, causing power outages. The power also went out on Caritas grounds for several hours. Yet, despite the heavy storms and rain, the pilgrims who made the decision to come did not let the weather deter them from attending Our Lady’s apparition. The rain continued to fall in intervals throughout the evening, but this did not dampen the enthusiasm for those who were present in the Field, some of whom had traveled long distances to get to Caritas. In fact, they were blessed with a beautiful display of lightening that lit up the entire night sky. Though outside in the empty Field and surrounded by trees, no one was frightened of the storm and lightening. The presence of Our Lady was strongly felt and everyone knew there was no reason to be afraid.

For the next day’s apparition, Our Lady said it would be at the same time, 10:00 P.M., but not the same place. With Marija leaving for a week, Our Lady would not be back at Caritas until July 18th. As the founder of Caritas and his family were with Marija this week, they continued to have the grace of being in the presence of Our Lady. Our Lady also continued to relay during Her daily appearances to Marija that the apparitions would be at 10:00 P.M. each night. There were beautiful graces given during these apparitions.

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