History of Apparitions in the Bedroom and Field

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July 27, 2005, Wednesday


In the apparition this evening, Wednesday, July 27, 2005, the Community was present in the Bedroom. Medjugorje visionary Marija’s husband, Paolo, having arrived the day before was now also present in the apparitions.

Marija’s description of the apparition of July 27, 2005: “Our Lady prayed over us. I recommend all our intentions. She blessed us and then She leave. Short apparition tonight.

marijas husband


marijas husband

It was a sweet reunion with Marija’s husband Paolo and their children, as he joins his family at Caritas after a week of separation.


The youngest boys of two families: little three year old Giovanni, Marija’s son, and 11-year-old Joshua, son of our founder. Joshua gives Giovanni a lesson in whittling a stick. Always point the knife away from yourself when using it, otherwise you’ll cut yourself. He learned that lesson himself when he was Giovanni’s age, and just as he was taught, he now becomes the teacher. This is one of life’s lessons that can be applied to the spiritual life as well.


As Marija, her husband and our founder leave the Field with their families and some community members after the morning Rosary, they are followed by two dogs and a deer. The deer considers herself just one of the family.

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