History of the Apparitions in the Bedroom and in th Field

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May 8, 2012 A.D.

Our Lady, before She comes, always gives signs. Yesterday we witnessed a very beautiful sign in the Field of Apparitions, which makes our hearts long even more for Her presence this coming July 1-5, 2012.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow at Caritas, Alabama

A rainbow over the Field of Apparitions, May 7, 2012. The tree in the Field can be seen in the center of the picture. Our Lady gives us something to meditate on, with Her coming here, July 1-5. Press Play –º to Listen while you meditate on the picture above and Our Lady's presence here July 1-5, 2012.


Our Lady of Medjugorje said on August 25, 2003:

"Dear children! Also today I call you to give thanks to God in your heart for all the graces which He gives you, also through the signs and colors that are in nature. God wants to draw you closer to Himself and moves you to give Him glory and thanks. Therefore, little children, I call you anew to pray, pray, pray and do not forget that I am with you. I intercede before God for each of you until your joy in Him is complete. Thank you for having responded to my call."

Our Lady before She comes to Caritas often gives us signs. In December 1999 when Our Lady came, She gave another beautiful sign, just a few days before. At 4 AM in the morning, there was an unknown object, a meteor; nobody knows. It shot all the way across the southeast and ended in Shelby County, Alabama. It was accompanied by a huge explosion and it ended right here in this county where Our Lady was going to appear in the next few days. Everything turned from night to day. It wasn’t twilight, it was completely daylight, it was so bright. And everywhere all around, it brought light.

There were reports in the newspapers and news stations across the nation the next day that people thought it was the end of the world. Truck drivers at truck stops got on their knees and started praying. Others reported that they just stopped in the middle of the road because it lit up for several moments. It was a long time that the sky was lit up. And so symbolically, Our Lady's coming turns night into day. There was one couple who saw it on national news, that called us from California, and said as soon as they saw that it ended in Shelby County, Alabama, they knew it was Our Lady, an they began jumping up and down in their living room, squealing with joy. These things have happened often with Our Lady, and when we have a beautiful rainbow like this which happened yesterday, it’s an invitation for you to come and to spread the five apparitions July 1-5, 2012 to everybody. You don’t want to miss such an opportunity and privilege. Our Lady does a lot of signs here in incredible ways, and it’ll be for you like everybody when they come to the Bedroom and Field of Apparitions here at Caritas says, "This is the greatest moment of my life." Every time that people come, they say it’s even better. You want to spread this far and wide. Hallelujah Alabama!

Press Play –º Below to listen to another song, Hallelujah Alabama.

In the Hopes to See You July 1-5,
A Friend of Medjugorje


December 1999 Flashback

Newspapers from all around reported the lights that were seen in the sky, in early December 1999.


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