History of the Apparitions in the Bedroom and in th Field


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July 5, 2012 A.D.

Our Lady told Marija last night, July 4, that today, July 5, 2012, She would appear at 10:40 AM in the Bedroom of Apparitions. This time was not usual, as Our Lady's normal apparition time in Medjugorje, 6:40 PM, would correspond to 11:40 AM and not 10:40 AM. Marija was asked several times to clarify that in fact the apparition was 10:40 and not 11:40. Marija relayed that the apparition would in fact be 10:40 AM. Pilgrims began gathering in the Field of Apparitions around 9:00 AM, and the Rosary began around 10:00, while Caritas Community and Extended Community members gathered in the Bedroom. Our Lady appeared shortly before 10:40 AM, and the apparition lasted 3 minutes. Following is Marija’s description of the apparition:

“Our Lady came and She began to pray. She gave us no time for anything. She prayed all the time.”

The founder asked, “The whole time? We must need it.”

Marija responded, “I don’t know, I think I have all these recommendations but Our Lady gave no time. So She came, extended Her hands and prayed the whole time. And after She gave a blessing and She left. She said, ‘Go in peace.’”

Marija was particularly joyful after this apparition. Marija said, Our Lady also blessed those in the Field.

With these beautiful five days of prayer, Our Lady has gathered our prayers, fasting, novenas, and sacrifices to use them where they are most necessary to heal us, our families, and our nation. Having entrusted all to Her care, we can confidently place all our hopes in Her, that She will take care of us. For whatever we may face as a nation, Our Lady has shown these days, that She will not abandon us, but rather, extend Her arms over us, protecting us from every evil. While we as a nation rightly deserve God's divine judgement, it is is She, our Hope, that we may be protected by Her prayers.


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Art and Babes TIONGSON
Aurora, Illinois - USA
Thank you, thank you and thank you for making it possible for us to be in the great presence of the Queen of Heaven and Earth, Our Mama Mary. I pray that we will not take this for granted, with our limited mind, that the Mother of God is giving Her Best to us, that every second that She is here on earth is used fully for our salvation. We are so grateful that you allowed us to serve . We got more than we gave. Our 6 days will be historical for us, that will be told to our children's children, a spiritual legacy. As Mama Mary said, only in Heaven will we fully understand Her coming and our role in God's plan. The climb to the penitentiary mountain was a great experience, for us, too. You don't know what you are capable of, what are you made of, until you up your commitment. The weather condition was another opportunity for us to "pay now rather than later" and with interest. We send our love and prayers to all of you. We were so happy during our stay there, experiencing Heaven on earth
Amor Tenerowicz
South San Francisco, California - USA
Our Lady really knows the desires of our hearts. As much as I would want to be there, I think She deemed it necessary for me to be with my family these days (July1-5) instead. A much needed communion with them. I realized that Our Lady always remind me of Caritas from little details of my mini trip to Yosemite. For example the balcony of the Friend of Medjugorje's house, is similar to the Reception building where we stayed. The trees, the walkways, sleeping at a tent at Evergreen Lodge made me feel that I was there at Caritas, I felt that Our Lady made it possible for me to be there in spirit. Thank you Mama Mary for your love. God bless Caritas of Birmingham and all the visionaries.
The Schultz Family
Allentown, Pennsylvania - USA
I have waited anxiously for years to visit Medjugorje, but I knew it wasn't possible to take my family with me. Caritas made it possible to be in Our Lady's presence with my husband and two small children. We are ever so grateful to our spiritual hosts that opened their home to allow us to pray in the bedroom of Apparitions, to kneel in the field of Apparitions, to experience the Grotto and to feel at peace during Our Blessed Mother's presence. Thank you! Thank you! Much Love.
Marilyn and John Hans
Pittsburgh, USA
We are blessed to have been at Caritas over the past 5 days. It was joyous. Praise God. Thank you to Marija for traveling to Alabama. Thank you to the Caritas Community for opening your home to us and teaching us how to live in God's Divine Will. Your example has changed our lives forever. With thanksgiving to our Blessed Mother for coming to heal our nation.
Regina Helena Rodrigues
Goa, India
Grateful thanks to brothers in Caritas without whom I would not be able to unite with the others in prayer had it not been for their umpteen messages from time to time,May the Holy Trinity and Mother Mary bless you all abundantly for bringing me closer to Her and Her Son. What an opportunity for mankind!!!
Michael Ross
Louisville, Kentucky - USA
Thank you members of Caritas for allowing us to join you in opening up your home for the apparitions of Our Lady with Marija. My group, (which we doubled to 4 from last year's visit :-), experienced Our Lady's love through her presence, through each of you. and other attendees. It was truly a blessed time and I for one am very thankful to have been called to be a part. I will continue to pray for Our Lady's intentions to be brought forth in Caritas and with me as I settle back to into the daily role of life. In some small way I understand the feeling when Marija speaks of feeling a little bit of heaven when she is with Our Lady and does not wish to depart from her but more so join her in heaven. I also feel that way toward Caritas that to return back to my home and the fulfillment of my responsibilities is a penance I gladly accept with joy for her, but none the less bitter. Go in Peace. Praise to Jesus & Mary forever!
Nashville, Tennessee - USA
Having been there for two of the days (July 4th and 5th) I was particularly touched by the fact that no 'message' was given except to bless us. That spoke deeply to my heart since when you are the most comfortable with someone you can be in silence and listening. That simple communion is enough. That spoke to me of a communion already established in the heart where no word needed to be spoken because it was present in the heart. I felt a sweet acknowledgment and appreciation from Her to us and back again. Thank you Caritas for all that you do to make these days possible. The unending water supply was so helpful and of course just being there is such a blessing. Thank you for the quality of time in that place of enriched love.
Doris Forsyth
Paulina, Louisiana - USA
Dear Caritas family, thankyou for sharing Our Lady's visits on the web.. I was not able to go this year but my prayers and heart were with you all (and my friends who were there)... Today as I prayed during the apparition while I was in my yard... I was so touched by the "wind as it blew; (Our Lady's sign); and i felt as though I was "enveloped in her mantle".. I was truly at peace and grateful for the blessing of sharing in Our Lady's visit. God Bless you all,
Marybeth Albert
Simi Valley, California - USA
Thank you for passing this information along so quickly. It has helped me to feel very connected with all the events taking place these past few days. Before I went to bed at night I always knew what time the following day to be mindful of the time as to join all of you with my prayers and be ever so grateful to God the Father for allowing His Mother to be with Her children in such a special way. I know how hard all of you work back there in Alabama and I thank you all for your dedication to Our Lady and all of us. God Bless You All!
Thousand Oaks, California - USA
Praise God! Thank you to all the people who took the time to help the visionaries and take all our petitions. Well said that Mary is our hope for healing, peace and intercessor for us all as a country. Please Jesus fill us all with foregiveness.
Hawthorne, Nj, USA
I also felt joy after reading this silent message from Our Lady. I have been with you all in spirit. I sent my petitions yesterday. I felt so unworthy to be asking Our Lady for anything that I simply begged Her to please read my thoughts and my heart. There was so much to tell Her, there was no time to write it down. This is to me a sign that Our Mother heard every word. The time is short! God love you all!
Green Valley, Arizona - USA
Caritas is a beautiful experience. Thank you for keeping everyone informed of Our Lady's messages. She gives us so much hope and peace with her loving words.