History of the Apparitions in the Bedroom and in th Field

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Take advantage of the offer to stay close to the apparition sites at Caritas of Birmingham.

There will be primitive camping for tents or self-contained campers. Primitive camping means no electricity or water at each site. We will have portable cold shower units (good sacrifice for Our Lady) and there is water available at a single zone. Port-o-lets will be available as well as free firewood. Bring your own grill. All campfires must be contained. There is no dump station on Caritas grounds.

You are welcome to stay here but you are guests and must follow some rules. Do not bring your TV because all Caritas camping and parking areas are TV free, cell phone free, radio free, alcohol free, and tobacco free. No pets allowed. Any violation of these rules will result in your being asked to leave. This is a spiritual camping trip. The fireworks for the 4th of July are your prayers. We are not celebrating the 4th, we are humbling ourselves before God. No fireworks allowed.

July 1-9 2009 Camping


There are two dump stations available approximately 30 minutes away.
Oak Mountain State Park: 205-620-2527 Located off of Hwy 119 South
KOA Campground: 205-664-8832 Call them for directions.

Food vendors will be offering meals July 1-4 on the Caritas grounds. July 4th lunch and dinner will offer Southern barbeque among other items. The 5th is Sunday, so they will not be open. We suggest you get provisions on Saturday for your Sunday needs.

Again, Caritas camping is free and we look forward to seeing you here. May Our Lady be with you in a special way during July 1-5, 2009. If you would care to make a freewill offering, this will help us defray the cost of 24 hour security from the Sheriff’s Department, renting cold shower stalls and port-o-lets, etc. Thank you.

To reserve your space call 205-672 -2000
Ext. 382 twenty-four hours.


Click here to download the form and fax it to 205-672-9667


“I want to camp again this year. I’ll see you in June.”
J. H., Sumter, South Carolina

“Thank you for the wonderful news that Our Lady is coming again in July. My husband, daughter, and I want to camp so we can be close.”
R. & J., Fridley, Minnesota

“If the Lord wills, my husband and I will be there again. Please reserve a spot for our small RV.”
L. U., Sour Lake, Texas

“Thank you for offering camping space, this is the only way we can come.”
G. Z., Houston, Texas


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