History of the Apparitions in the Bedroom and in th Field

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For Those Joining Us From Their Homes:

July 2 – Consecration of Ourselves
& Climb to Grotto La Pluie


The Day of Consecration of Ourselves to Jesus and Our Lady. The Consecration will be made during the morning rosary. (11:00 AM Central Time USA) This is also the Day of Prayer for Nonbelievers & Climb to Grotto La Pluie. For the prayers of Consecration please visit this page.

Faith is a great gift from God and as we make our individual consecrations to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary today, we should reflect upon this gift that many have not received in their life. Our Lady has designated the second of every month to be a day spent in prayer for nonbelievers. To Mirjana, one of the six visionaries of Medjugorje, She defined a nonbeliever to be someone who has never felt the love of God. Our Lady taught Mirjana the importance of praying for those who do not believe because by doing so, we are praying for our own futures. Those who do not know God, do not know peace, nor can they spread peace. It is therefore vital for all of our futures that we help Our Lady open the hearts of those who need to experience God’s love. We encourage you to read the booklet, “Mirjana, A Mystery Revealed,” to help explain Our Lady’s desire to take Her invitation seriously and pray on this day with all your heart for all nonbelievers of the world. We will pray the Prayer for Nonbelievers, found on below, during the morning rosary. For the Prayers of Consecration of Ourselves to Jesus and Mary, please click to this page.


Prayer for Nonbelievers

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