History of the Apparitions in the Bedroom and in th Field

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July 4 – The Consecration of
The United States of America

The Day of Deliverance by a Solemn Act of Consecration of Our Nation to Jesus and Our Lady on the Day of Its Birth, July 4th. The Consecration will be made during the morning rosary. The Patriotic Rosary will be prayed leading up to the Consecration.

Twenty-five years ago, on July 4, 1986, the founder of Caritas, on his first pilgrimage to Medjugorje, being in the village for only one day, only one apparition, found himself in the room of apparitions with the visionaries. By a series of actions that he was not in control of, the door literally opened to him to be in the presence of Our Lady in the apparition room. One year earlier he had been inspired to set aside this year with the purpose of preparing himself to consecrate his heart to Our Lady. Throughout this year of prayer, he had made only one request of Her, that She would make the moment of his consecration special in some way. He could never have imagined that Our Lady would answer his request by allowing his consecration to take place in Her actual presence in an apparition. At the time, the date of July 4 was not significant. But seeing what Our Lady drew forth from this consecration, how it then opened the door for Her to come to America, sanctify a piece of land on Thanksgiving Day in 1988, land that was dedicated to Her for the purpose of the United States’ conversion, and how She then inspired through Her messages, prayers and novenas that have been prayed for years also for this purpose, July 4, 1986, took on a whole different meaning. This day we celebrate today is as much a part of Our Lady’s plans as was the act of that one consecration long ago, a consecration that was prepared for a year in advance. Consecrations are honored in Heaven, when they are offered from a pure heart. This Consecration that we do today, was prepared for, not one year in advance, but more than 21 years in advance, with tens of millions of prayers that have been prayed for its fulfillment. What then can we hope to see from it in the future for our nation? You are living and participating in an event that will be among the greatest days the United States has ever seen. For the Solemn Act of Consecration of the United States, please visit this page.

The Patriotic Rosary

The Patriotic rosary will be prayed this morning during the morning Rosary, 11:00 AM Central Time USA. Many years ago, the founder of Caritas was visiting Independence Hall in Philadelphia, the actual site of the birth of our nation. Feeling that this was holy ground, he prayed a Rosary for our Nation and felt the Holy Spirit’s powerful presence. This Rosary led to the discovery of many facts concerning Our Lady’s involvement in the birth of America, which are all contained within the booklet entitled American History You Never Learned, available through Caritas.

Since this happened, Our Lady has led us back to Philadelphia several times through our mission. In the fall of 1995, almost the entire community of Caritas gathered outside of Independence Hall to pray the Rosary. It was 11:00 pm at night and very few people were out and about. Everyone present was struck deeply by the powerful sense that Our Lady was with them as the Rosary was being prayed. It would become an unforgettable moment for each one of them.

Two months later, a smaller group from Caritas again found themselves at Independence Hall praying a beautiful Rosary. The founder, inspired by several different events, wrote the Patriotic Rosary. As only Our Lady can do, She has woven together an inspired Rosary to create a powerful prayer for the consecration of the entire United States to Her Immaculate Heart. For the Patriotic Rosary Please Visit this Page.

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