History of the Apparitions in the Bedroom and in th Field

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A Beauty Beyond What This World Can Offer

Our Lady’s Apparition in the Bedroom, July 19, 2008


bedroom of apparitions

After working for two days to arrange the Bedroom with thousands of flowers, it was finally completed just hours before Our Lady's apparition on July 19, 2008.

Tonight the apparition in the Bedroom was indescribably beautiful. The Bedroom was filled with roses, numbering 4,000, all of which represented those souls from across the nation who wanted to be represented during Our Lady’s apparitions. The joy of these last 22 days are ending in sadness. How could it be any other way but sad when the one you love so much is going away? Yes, She is always with us, but when Our Lady is present visibly to Marija in a physical, glorified body, She is present in the same way for us gathered in the Bedroom, only we cannot see Her as Marija. But with the heart, She is felt. Her very breath, Her fragrance, Her holiness makes Her presence known and oh how She will be missed. Why, oh why Mary, can you not stay? We cannot do without You. We are lost without You. Please, though You must leave, begin planning Your return. Come, oh come and fill us with grace, so much grace that you will long to be with us as we long to be with You. Please, oh Mother, come back soon. We will miss you but with our love we wish to keep Your presence alive in our hearts. Thank you….thank you for so many graces, the three smiles You gave us, the three blessings You gave us three nights ago and so many other gifts. Thank you, O Queen and may Your reign come and convert the whole world.

With Love,

Friend of Medjugojre

hanging roses

Each rose in the Bedroom represented a soul being presented to Our Lady. What a surprise and a special grace to learn that tonight in the apparition Our Lady prayed for each person that the flower represented.

Through an invitation to have a rose placed in the presence of Our Lady during Her apparitions here, we were literally flooded with requests. We weren’t able to learn how many until a week after the Five Days of Prayer for the July 1-5 apparitions ended. We were overwhelmed at the number—nearly 4,000 requests. How could we arrange so many flowers in the Bedroom and still have room for people to be able to be in the presence of Our Lady in the apparitions? For two days several girls worked to arrange the flowers in vases. While several of the community women were discussing where all the vases would go, Marija began taking the roses and forming them into a heart on the Bed. Soon all the girls were helping and what developed was too beautiful for words. What flowers couldn’t fit on the Bed, were left in vases and arranged around the Bed. Nearly 100 small tea-light candles were added in and amongst the flowers on the Bed. When it was finished, the whole room was breathtaking. And as A Friend of Medjugorje described above, the beauty these thousands of flowers brought to the eye, led to a feeling of sadness, knowing this was a farewell gift to Our Lady, and just as the flowers beauty would soon fade, so too, the beauty of having Our Lady with us so intimately during this month of July.

Added to the setting of the flowers, the simple adoration music from Medjugorje was played during the beginning of the Rosary and between each decade. The candles were lit on the Bed and bedstand filling the Bedroom with a soft glow. Different pilgrims praying in the Field were randomly selected to come to the Bedroom for the apparition. As they entered the room they could not help but be visibly moved. Marija stayed outside of the room with many of the community members, praying the Rosary and singing the songs, until just before apparition time. Following is her description of the apparition that lasted three minutes and 45 seconds:

 “In the moment of the apparition when Our Lady came, I recommended to Our Lady all of our intentions, and in a special way I asked Our Lady to bless all people who is present here and in the Field. And I also offered Our Lady the soul of little Sebastian (a little boy who had died early this morning) and asked help for his mother and father. I asked Our Lady to give Sebastian peace and to carry him in Her heart. She immediately begin to pray. I ask also to Our Lady to bless all candles and all the roses present from all people across the United States. And Our Lady, She stood with Her hands extended and prayed over all of us. She pray over also all these people (who gave the candles & roses). And after She give blessing, She go. And tomorrow: “Same time, same place.”

Tonight, Sunday, July 20, 2008, will be the last opportunity to be in the presence of Our Lady as Marija will be leaving on Monday, July 21. The apparitions have been grace-filled, and every night we have met pilgrims who, on a whim, traveled long distances to attend the apparition without any regrets. For those of you reading this, do you have the possibility to come? Don’t think twice about it. Come be with Our Lady.

Parking will be allowed in the Caritas parking lot, and on the shipping and cargo ramps up at Caritas.


heart made of roses

For more than an hour after the apparition, many community members and some pilgrims stayed to sing and pray in the beauty of this moment, in this room sanctified by Our Lady's presence, knowing that soon they will be saying goodbye to Her.


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