Latest Message for Nonbelievers given to Mirjana


January 2, 2003

Mirjana received the following message from Our Lady for instructions to help non-believers:

"Dear children, as a mother invites her children, I invited you and you responded to me. Allow me to fill your heart with love, so that it becomes a heart of love that you will be giving to others without reserve. In that way, you will best help me in my mission of converting those of my children who have not yet experienced the love of God and the love of my Son. Thank you!"

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October 2, 2003

"Dear children, give me your hearts completely. Allow me to take you to my Son, Who is the true peace and happiness. Do not allow the false brightness that is surrounding you and being offered to you to deceive you. Do not allow satan to reign over you with the false peace and happiness. Come to me, I am with you."

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