Words From Heaven

December, 1990

To Vicka:

"When I started to speak to you and to call you to peace, you thought everything was calm and there was no need to pray in a special way for peace. The absence of peace was in the hearts, now the absence of peace has come into the world."

The above message was shared by Vicka in Paris, France, in February, 1991. On October 30, 1991, Vicka explained that Our Lady did, indeed, say this during the Gulf War and explained the message and what Our Lady meant the following way:

When war comes, it is because there is war already in your hearts. Then this war which is in your hearts comes out (eventually manifests itself physically) and real war starts. Instead of war in your hearts, if you make peace in your hearts, then on the outside, THE WAR WILL STOP.

Vicka goes on and adds that these words from Our Lady were for every war going on, not only the Gulf War.