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January 28, 1987
To Mirjana, at Sarajevo:

"My dear children! I come to you in order to lead you to purity of soul and then to God. How have you listened to me? At the beginning without believing and with fear and defiance toward these young people whom I have chosen, then afterwards, most of you listened to me in your heart and began to carry out my maternal requests. But that did not last for long. Whenever I come to you my Son comes with me, but so does satan. You permitted, without noticing, his influences on you and he drives you on. Sometimes you understand that something you have done is not agreeable to God, but quickly you no longer pay attention to it.

"Do not let that happen, my children. Wipe from my face the tears that I cry in seeing what you do. Wake up to yourselves. Take time to meet with God in the church. Come to visit in your Father’s house. Take the time to meet among yourselves for family prayer and implore the grace of God. Remember your deceased. Give them joy with the celebration of the Holy Mass. Do not look with scorn on those who beg you for a piece of bread. Do not turn them away from your full tables. Help them and God will also help you. Perhaps it is in this way that God will hear you, and the blessing that He wants to give you in thanks will be realized.

"You have forgotten all this my children. satan has influenced you also in this. Do not let that happen! Pray with me! Do not deceive yourselves into thinking, ‘I am good, but my brother next door is no good.’ You would be wrong. I, your Mother, love you and it is for that reason that I am warning you about this. Concerning the secrets, my children, these are not known by the people. But when they will learn of them, it will be too late. Return to prayer! There is nothing more important! I would dearly wish that the Lord would permit me to enlighten you a little more on these secrets, but the grace which is offered to you is already great enough.

"Think how much you have offended Him. What are you offering to Him of yourself? When was the last time you renounced something for the Lord? I no longer wish to reprimand you in this way, but I want to invite you once more to prayer, fasting, and penance. If you wish to obtain a grace from God by fasting, then let no one know that you are fasting. If you wish to receive a grace from God by a gift to the poor, let no one know except you and the Lord that you have given this gift. Listen to me, my children! Meditate on my message in prayer."