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March 2, 2007
Mirjana said that Our Lady was resolute. She said:

"Today I will speak to you about what you have forgotten:

"Dear children, My name is Love. That I am among you for so much of your time is love, because the Great Love sends me. I am asking the same of you. I am asking for love in your families. I am asking that you recognize love in your brother. Only in this way, through love, will you see the face of the Greatest Love. May fasting and prayer be your guiding star. Open your hearts to love, namely, salvation. Thank you."
November 2, 2016
“Dear children, to come to you and to make myself known to you is a great joy for my motherly heart. It is a gift from my Son for you and for others who are coming. As a mother I am calling you: love my Son above everything. In order to love Him with all your heart, you need to come to know Him. You will come to know Him through prayer. Pray with the heart and with your feelings. To pray means to think of His love and sacrifice. To pray means to love, to give, to suffer and to offer. I am calling you, my children, to be apostles of prayer and love. My children, it is a time of vigilance. In this vigil I am calling you to prayer, love and trust. As my Son will be looking in your hearts, my motherly heart desires for Him to see unconditional trust and love in them. The united love of my apostles will live, will conquer and will expose evil. My children, I was a chalice of the God-man; I was God’s instrument. That is why I am calling you, my apostles, to be a chalice of the true and pure love of my Son. I am calling you to be an instrument through which all those who have not come to know the love of God—who have never loved—may comprehend, accept and be saved. Thank you, my children.”

While Our Lady was leaving, Mirjana saw a chalice.

November 2, 2018
“Dear children, My motherly heart suffers as I am looking at my children who do not love the truth, those who are hiding it – as I look at my children who do not pray with their feelings and actions. I am sad as I am saying to my Son that many of my children no longer have faith, that they do not know Him – my Son. That is why I call you, apostles of my love: you strive to look to the very depth in human hearts and there you are certain to find the little hidden treasure. To look in this way is mercy from the Heavenly Father. To seek the good even where there is the greatest evil – to strive to comprehend each other and not to judge – that is what my Son is asking of you. And I, as a mother, am calling you to listen to Him. My children, the spirit is mightier than the flesh, and, carried by love and actions, it overcomes all obstacles. Do not forget: my Son has loved you and loves you. His love is with you and in you when you are one with Him. He is the light of the world and no one and nothing will be able to stop Him in the final glory. Therefore, apostles of my love, do not be afraid to witness the truth. Witness it with enthusiasm, with works, with love, with your sacrifice, and, above all, in humility. Witness the truth to all those who have not come to know my Son. I will be alongside you. I will encourage you. Witness the love which never ends because it comes from the Heavenly Father who is eternal and who offers eternity to all of my children. The spirit of my Son will be alongside you. Anew I am calling you, my children: pray for your shepherds, pray that the love of my Son may lead them. Thank you.”

Mirjana relayed that during the apparition, Our Lady was sad.
January 2, 2012
"Dear children; As with motherly concern I look in your hearts, in them I see pain and suffering; I see a wounded past and an incessant search; I see my children who desire to be happy but do not know how. Open yourselves to the Father. That is the way to happiness, the way by which I desire to lead you. God the Father never leaves His children alone, especially not in pain and despair. When you comprehend and accept this, you will be happy. Your search will end. You will love and you will not be afraid. Your life will be hope and truth which is my Son. Thank you. I implore you, pray for those whom my Son has chosen. Do not judge because you will all be judged."

Mirjana said that Our Lady was very decided today.
June 26, 1981
A crowd of nearly three thousand people were drawn to Apparition Mountain by the luminary signs coming from the hill. Holy water is sprinkled on Our Lady by Vicka. She asks Our Lady to stay if She is indeed the Virgin Mary. Our Lady smiles in response. Ivanka then asked why Our Lady is here and what does She want from the people. Our Lady responded:

"I have come because there are many true believers here. I wish to be with you to convert and to reconcile the whole world."

Ivanka asked if her mother has any message for her.

"Obey your grandmother and help her because she is old."

Mirjana wanted to know about her grandfather who had recently died.

"He is well."

The visionaries requested a sign for those who don’t see Our Lady to prove that the apparition was really the Gospa.

"Blessed are those who have not seen and who believe."

Mirjana asked: "Who are you?"

"I am the Blessed Virgin Mary."

More questions from the visionaries: "Why are you appearing to us? We are no better than others."

"I do not necessarily choose the best."

"Will you come back?"

"Yes, to the same place as yesterday."

Mirija reports that they asked Our Lady,"Is there life on other planets?"

"That is not for you to know now."

While Marija goes down the mountain, she is mysteriously pushed to the side of the trail by an unseen force. She sees the Virgin again. Our Lady is crying and there is a bare wooden cross behind Her.

"Peace, Peace, Peace! Be reconciled! Only Peace. Make your peace with God and among yourselves. For that, it is necessary to believe, to pray, to fast, and to go to confession."
Beginning of April, 1982
Mirjana asked the Blessed Virgin when She would like to be honored.

"I wish a feast for the Queen of Peace on the 25th of June, the anniversary of the first apparition."
March 18, 2013
"In the group, some have given themselves up to God so that He may guide them. Allow the will of God to be realized in you."
“Dear children! I call you to, with complete trust and joy, bless the name of the Lord and, day by day, to give Him thanks from the heart for His great love. My Son, through that love which He showed by the Cross, gave you the possibility to be forgiven for everything; so that you do not have to be ashamed or to hide, and out of fear not to open the door of your heart to my Son. To the contrary, my children, reconcile with the Heavenly Father so that you may be able to come to love yourselves as my Son loves you. When you come to love yourselves, you will also love others; in them you will see my Son and recognize the greatness of His love. Live in faith! Through me, my Son is preparing you for the works which He desires to do through you – works through which He desires to be glorified. Give Him thanks. Especially thank Him for the shepherds – for your intercessors in the reconciliation with the Heavenly Father. I am thanking you, my children. Thank you.”
Mirjana said that Our Lady blessed everyone present and all their religious articles.
March 18, 1993
Mirjana’s annual birthday message from Our Lady:

"Dear children, my desire is that you give me your hands that I may, as a Mother, lead you on the right path to bring you to the Father. Open your hearts. Allow me to enter. Pray, because in prayer I am with you. Pray and allow me to lead you. I will lead you to peace and happiness."
October 2, 2002
When Our Lady came, Mirjana described Her as being in deep sadness. She gave the following message:

"Dear children, pray, pray, pray for those who don’t feel the love of God."
March 18, 1994
Our Lady’s annual birthday message to Mirjana:

"Dear children! Today my heart is filled with happiness. I would like for you to find yourselves in prayer every day, as today, this great day of prayer. Only thus, can you proceed towards true happiness and true fulfillment of body and soul. As Mother, I want to help you in this. Allow me to do so. I am telling you again to open your hearts to me and allow me to lead you. My way leads to God. I invite you that we may proceed together because you see for yourselves, that with our prayers, all evils are destroyed. Let us pray and hope."