Behind the Scenes

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Clean-up on the new pad

The morning after the cement pad is poured, all the community gathers for the big clean-up. Though there is still a lot of disorder that we must work around, it is a joy for us to begin having the ability to bring order to certain areas in and around the Tabernacle, knowing that each area will be brought to order in its own time in preparation for Our Lady’s coming, March 19-23, 2011. This driveway leads to a dock for the pallets of paper that will feed the printing press, and all the other various stages of the printing operation that ends with the completed books, booklets, brochures, flyers, holy cards, etc., all tied to Our Lady of Medjugorje’s messages, which will number into the tens of millions.


Moving the filter of the Dust Collection system

A well known adage is “There is strength in numbers.” Living in community, we find this true quite often. An almost 2,000 pound filter is moved through the combined effort of the community, taking minutes to do the job, rather than utilizing much more time in hauling up equipment to accomplish the task. This filter is part of the Dust Collection system for the new book-binding machine. Another, large piece will go on top of this one. It will bring much needed efficiency in handling the paper waste that will greatly increase as Caritas’ printing capabilities increase with the new retooling equipment.


Prayer at the new pad

The community, scattered across the back of the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages, cleaning up during prayer, drop to their knees when at the end of the prayers one of Our Lady’s Medjugorje messages is read by one of our youth. Our little ones follow the example of the adults around them and also fall on their knees for Our Lady’s words. These words, chosen at random from the book Words from Heaven, speak to our hearts whatever awaits us in the day ahead. Hearing Our Lady’s words each morning, now for years, so many of them are memorized or are familiar to us that we can finish the sentence in our heads after the first few words are spoken. This is a great grace, especially for our youth who are being formed by the words they hear so often in their lives that have been given by the Mother of God from Medjugorje for the new time we are entering into. When everything is fulfilled through what Our Lady has prophesied for so many years, the youth will be the most grateful for having the grace to know and be formed by Our Lady’s messages at such a young age.

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