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Words from Heaven, the most comprehensive published collection of the messages of Medjugorje that exists, now in it's 11th Edition.

Featuring: A Friend of Medjugorje


These books above, represent a small portion of the largest library of writings on Our Lady, Medjugorje, and the messages. Caritas is repeatedly told that the writings of a Friend of Medjugorje are the lifeline for them. These souls throughout the world use the writings as the practical application into life of the messages of Our Lady, Queen of Peace. With, we have made many of the writings available to you FREE, thanks to our Core Group Members, with new writings being introduced, especially on the Second of the Month. When working on a project in 2004, A Friend of Medjugorje was asked regarding making a section about commenting on the message:


Q. What about making comments on the message, or having a commentary section on a website?

A. No. Absolutely not! I never do commentaries on the message.

Q. What do you think about people who make commentaries on the message?

A. Our Lady gives freedom. People are free to make commentaries on the message if that’s what they choose to do.


In light of those earlier statements, A Friend of Medjugorje was recently asked:


Q. So how would you describe what is written on the website, your books, or the writings on the messages each month? Often people tell us they are more like someone writing to them personally.

A. Commentaries are something that is based on someone’s opinion. Opinions most often are baseless, in most of what people believe. I don’t believe God is calling me to write that way. And, as I have said in the past, people are free to do what they want to, but the messages of Our Lady can’t be interpreted or applied to your life without taking into consideration the overall message. Writings of the messages all have to be in harmony. When you put together 4 or 5 messages in regards to a spiritual area of the way of life of Our Lady, they are transformed, have a deeper and then take on a more profound meaning.

For example, if you take 4 or 5 messages in speaking or writing on a specific spiritual subject, the whole of the 4 or 5 messages say something beyond what one message quoted says on its own. So, the whole of the message becomes a meaning that may not even be there with the intended message even for the writer to see.

I often see this in my writings. I can read a message that Our Lady has just given and then read it a year later and see something in it I didn’t know. It’s the same with what I may have written. Because the writing is foundationed on the message and a year later, even for me it says something different than what I first write. Knowledge of the overall message is very important to be able to make a writing of it, rather than just a commentary. Nothing I write is commentary; I’m not interested in this.

Our whole life here in Community is the message. That’s why people tell us they can’t wait to read what is written every month, because our life is structured around the messages of Our Lady. We’ve responded to Our Lady’s call of 3 hours of prayer a day, fasting twice a week and changing the direction of our lives. This gives greater insights into the messages. Our whole understanding comes through looking at the messages of Our Lady Queen of Peace every day, and applying them to our lives throughout each day. Having the privilege of living that life, gives you the ability to see things that someone who wakes up in the morning, drives to work, has the radio playing, has the kids going from one place to another, all the business of work, occupying the mind and heart all day long is not able to see on their own. But when they come home, read the 25th message or second of the month message, and they read what is written, they say, “Whoa!” They didn’t see those things before. How could they? Many have cited this is why they follow so closely what is written. It helps them penetrate the messages.

It’s the same as priests who after the reading of the Epistles or the Gospel, talk about it. If the priest is absorbed throughout the day in the Bible and a full Biblical life, you’ll be fed by his homily. But most tell us today, they are not getting a lot from the pulpit right now. It’s true, because their whole life is not spent in the Scriptures; it’s in administration, it’s running giant churches which have become like a business. They are running so many other things. I’m saying this about priests, because churches have become businesses. Priests are often blocked by a clutter of duties preventing them from getting deep into the Word. You cannot get the fullness of the Holy Spirit in a 45 minute study session, to prepare for a homily and convict the congregation. You may stimulate their intellect, but to bring them to deeper conversion takes hours of prayer each day in preparation for the homily the next Sunday. Six days absorbed in the spiritual Biblical life as a man who is ‘priest’ can ‘waylay’ everything not of God in their congregation and convict them on Sunday! Priests have done it in the past and they can do it today.

We built a life here, transformed by the messages, and absorbed our whole day in our way of life. We’ve pattered our way of life, from our outside work, to our mission work, to the new addition on the Tabernacle, all this is patterned in Our Lady’s way, and we apply the messages of Our Lady over everything we do. So, it’s easy to write about that, because I’ve got something to say, because it is what I live, and I feel the Holy Spirit showing me what to say. So you cannot take one message and write something about it, and interpret that one message, without taking into consideration all the messages of Our Lady. No more than you can take the Scriptures, and interpret one line in and of itself, without taking the whole of Scriptures to understand what that means. And from there, you derive other meanings that were not readily seen or known before what was written that the reader will get for their personal life; things that were not foreseen, nor programmed in the original text, yet, laid into the words by the Holy Spirit, with the touch of Our Lady.


For Downloads of the Writing of A Friend of Medjugorje please visit this page.


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