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The Community of Caritas stuffing a mailing by lamplight

Here the Community of Caritas is working on a mailing by lamplight after a power outage. The Community has the ability to not only work on many projects individually, but also collectively. The launch of the new in June 2009, was a united effort of 40 people.

Behind the Scenes of : The Community

The workers in the field... The Medjugorje Community of Caritas, is the behind-the-scenes development, design, and support of During an apparition in the home of our founder and his wife in December 1988, the Virgin Mary told Marija, one of the six visionaries of Medjugorje, that She desired a community to be started. Since that time, people have come from all across the country to become ‘one’ with the Community and share the life of sacrifice and toil of spreading the messages of Medjugorje. There is also what is called the Extended Community, which is a type of Third Order of the Community, individuals who do not reside at Caritas, but join the way of life from their home.

The Way of Life of the Caritas Community is not an easy life, but a blessed life. One Community member speaks of the life:

“For years we have prayed for God to stop people from coming who were not of the same mind and heart as we. Not just anyone can live here. And there were times that we were accused of all being exactly the same, as if that were something bad. But in fact, it was Jesus who said to be of one mind and heart, with Saint Paul confirming “thinking the same thing.” We see our unity as a Community as our most powerful tool. It is what gives us the ability to live and spread the messages of Medjugorje with conviction.”

The Community of Caritas as structured is a model for many communities throughout the world, with an independent structure from the systems of the world. While our founder (A Friend of Medjugorje) has been saying so for many years, it has become more apparent, that Community life is being viewed as the way of the future. Economically, spiritually, the facts of daily life point to this, that society as structured cannot continue. We believe the messages of Our Lady of Medjugorje point to this fact clearly.

Our founder was once told in regards to people returning to a simpler life, “It’s easy for you, you‘ve got the Community.” To which he replied back, “It was not easy for me. When Our Lady asked for the Community to be started, there was no community except my family. We were dropped in the jungle and had to cut the path. You don’t have to be dropped in the jungle. We’ve cut the path for you.”

The Radio Wave Mejanomics shows are the first outreach to help others become more independent of the system that is capable of enslaving people from living their Christianity to the fullest by giving them the first base-mentalities, to change their way of thinking. The Way of Life of the Community of Caritas, is structured in the messages of Medjugorje, and those experiences, this “Way” is transmitted to you.

To listen to past Radio WAVE Mejanomics shows visit this page.


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Corpus Christi, Texas - USA
I would love to know more, especially how to begin focusing my family in this
Corpus Christi, Texas - USA
I would love to know more, especially how to begin focusing my family in this direction. We live in South Texas and I hav felt the tug to go in this direction for a long time.
Sterrett, Alabama - USA
Robert, The Caritas Extended Community is a type of 'third-order' for the Community of Caritas. Because the life of the Community is based in the Messages of Our Lady from Medjugorje, the way of life is conducive to every person. We offer you the opportunity to share in that way of life, based in the Messages. For a more complete answer on the Extended Community, contact Caritas at 205-672-2000 and ask for information on the Extended Community. God Bless! -
Robert Boone
College Park, Maryland - USA
, Can you please tell me more about the "extended community" you mentioned in the above article? thanks, Robert Boone
Rock Island, Illinois - USA
Caritas Community, thank you so much for your example! We should all join you and "live as one". The work you do is beautiful, and best of all, promotes Love For Our Mother Most Holy. You are appreciated for all of your hard work in spreading these messages. I only hope that I could be blessed with as much courage to "Live the Way of Life of the Community of Caritas" myself one day.
Laarni g. demot
La Trinidad, Philippines
Thank you very much for being the tool in bringing OUR LADY's messages to all of us... May the good LORD bless all of you. Please pray for us that we may live and share HER messages too to our families, friends and in the community. GOD be with us!
Delhi, India
I just came back from duty. I open the computer and I saw the message. I felt so sleepy but I cant resist to read. Thank you for the message. Now it became for me to pray by lighting a candle I go it like this. Its a blessing for me from Medjugorje via Mother from you and I thank you
Edinburg, USA
Pray for us as we try to understand and live Our Lady's messages, that we too will learn to live our lives in community. God bless you for sharing.
Franklin, USA