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While work in the print shop continued to move forward, other parts of the building were also making progress. Outside the print shop, ground preparation was going on to prepare for the cement floor for the building that would house the paper-baling system, compressors, pumps, etc., for the print shop, all of which is necessary to utilize the new equipment for the spreading of Our Lady’s messages. With the new equipment, we outgrew our transformer and lines which had to be replaced.

Another word for electricity is “power,” another word for power is “might.” Our Lady says that She gives might because we need it. Spreading Our Lady’s messages takes might as Her messages stand against the current of the culture. Seeing the advancements of Our Lady’s mission here brings to mind this message as we physically see Our Lady giving “might” with the new addition and new equipment that will greatly increase the capacity to spread Her messages in every area of Caritas.

June 27, 1988

“…I give you might, dear children; with this might, you can bear everything. May this might make you strong in everything. You need it; that is why I give you might.”



The new electrical wires are being pulled into the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages. While the electrical requirements to operate the new equipment is substantial, the production increases is also substantial. Amazingly, as the book production increases, the electrical activity will decrease per book! In other words, we’ll produce far more books; therefore, the cost of electricity per finished book will decrease!



Working on the electrical needs of the new bookbinder on the print shop wall. Before moving into the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages when it was first built in 1995, we were amazed to discover we had mailed out over 1,000,000 pieces of mail with Our Lady’s messages in a year’s time in what used to be a two-car garage adapted into our shipping department. Now, 16 years later, the 32,000 square foot building no longer is large enough for the demand of the mission. It cannot even be calculated how much this print shop in Our Lady’s Tabernacle has produced over the years in spreading Our Lady’s messages through books, booklets, prayer cards, brochures, posters, etc., but it is into the millions. We again offer Our Lady this new addition and new equipment from the retooling that She may use it to help spread Her messages to hundreds of millions of those around the world who have not yet heard of Her apparitions.

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