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The Bedroom of Apparitions 1988

The Bedroom of Apparitions as it appeared in 1988 when Our Lady first came.

Our Lady of Medjugorje has made the Bedroom of Apparitions as the central and single most important place at Caritas. To have such a special place to pray is considered by the Community of Caritas a privilege Our Lady has granted, not only to us, but to those who come when it is open.

The following text you are about to read is a very short, abbreviated history of the Bedroom of Apparitions. Many more stories and details could be added to this. However, even Scripture tells us that many things could be written about Jesus’ life. Indeed, many more things could be written about what Our Lady has done in this special place, but the following is presented to you so as to give a foundation of the way of life of living the messages of Our Lady Queen of Peace of Medjugorje, and what can happen when you decide to live those messages. Please read with these thoughts in mind.

In 1988, Fr. Slavko (†2000) from Medjugorje, had given the founder of Caritas a Crucifix that had hung in his office/bedroom in Medjugorje. It was Fr. Slavko’s bedroom that the daily apparitions of Our Lady to the visionaries were taking place at the time. The founder took the Crucifix to Marija and asked her to pray over it, that it might be a tool of conversion for the United States. Marija cradled the Crucifix in her arms like a baby, prayed a very deep and ardent prayer over the Crucifix, and then kissed it with great love and reverence. Being moved by Marija’s great reverence, the founder took the Crucifix to his home in Alabama and felt a deep conviction not to hang the Crucifix until he and his wife were led by prayer to where God wanted it to be hung. No indication was given immediately, and so they laid it on a counter in their living room while continuing to pray about it.

Meanwhile, a serious situation arose where Marija’s brother Andrija developed a medical condition where his kidneys were failing. Marija, explained to the founder of Caritas, the seriousness of the situation, but he thought little that it had anything to do with him other than praying for her brother. On his return to the United States, he saw at the airport a newspaper headline that read that the University of Alabama in Birmingham was rated as the number one hospital in the world for kidney transplants. He immediately understood God was giving this as a sign to heed Marija’s request to help her and her brother. It actually stunned him when he saw the headline, what God was laying before him.

After some time passed, the founder of Caritas returned to Medjugorje. He spoke to Marija about the situation, and being that Medjugorje was still under Communist rule at that time, Marija agreed that if the officials would grant the visa for her and her brother to come to the United States, they would take it as a sign that this was God’s will. They made the journey to the embassy to apply for the visa. The visa was granted for Marija and her brother at that moment. Marija had actually recognized other people at the embassy that she knew who had been going to the embassy several times over the course of a few weeks in order to get their visas, but were not being granted them. The founder and Marija left directly from the embassy for the US.

Meanwhile, the founder’s wife was at their home in Alabama with the children. He called her to tell her Marija was coming. The next day, his wife awoke with a burning desire to place the Crucifix above their bed. Being from a non-catholic background but now Catholic, the idea of hanging the Crucifix above their bed was something she had already ruled out and that she would not do. But this night, the desire of hanging the Crucifix was so intense that she describes it this way:

“I can’t describe it as a nagging, but it was a nagging. I felt excited and such joy. I guess I was excited for (my husband). I was so excited that I could not sleep all night. I was going over in my mind where it would hang...

“In the morning, I got the boys up and told them, ‘We’re going to hang this Crucifix above the bed for dad, and he is going to be so excited.’ The boys were saying ‘I’ll get the hammer,’ and the other ‘I’ll get the nails.’ And we put up the Crucifix with the first try.”

The following day, the founder arrived with Marija and her brother. The apparitions were scheduled to be in a local church. However this was blocked through a set of unforeseen circumstances, the only place they had to go at that moment was back home. On the very first day of the apparitions, November 19, 1988, after a rush back from the church where the apparitions had been scheduled to take place, the founder and his wife were showing Marija around their home. When Marija entered the bedroom of the founder and his wife, she said emphatically, “This is where the apparitions will take place.” Both the founder and his wife were shocked by this. Every day in 1988, Our Lady told Marija where She would appear, and every day except one Our Lady indicated that She wanted the apparitions in the Bedroom. By Her appearing in the Bedroom, Our Lady was indicating that She indeed had come for the conversion of the nation, as the founder had asked for when Marija prayed over the Crucifix. How? The Bedroom representing the marriage contract is the center or heart of the family and it is healthy families that make healthy nations. Our nation was sick, and Our Lady was pointing the cure of your nation comes through the cure of you family.

Even though Our Lady had since stopped giving daily messages in Medjugorje, when She came to Alabama in 1988, She gave messages almost every day. It was during that time in 1988, that Our Lady told Marija that She desired a Community to be started here. With the foundation of the founder and his family, the Community of Caritas has grown up around this place, whose sole purpose is to live and spread the messages of Our Lady, Queen of Peace of Medjugorje.

Since that time in 1988, when Medjugorje visionary Marija has come to Caritas, in the years 1994, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, most all of the apparitions have occurred in the Bedroom of the founder and his wife. When Marija comes to Caritas, during every apparition Marija asks Our Lady where and when the apparition will be the following day. The Community of Caritas has come to see that Our Lady has a clear preference for appearing in the Bedroom. It is the altar of the home. The place of family. The place of healing and healing nations.

The Bedroom of Apparitions is a central place for the Community of Caritas, and many of our events center there, from special feast days, to marriage engagements, etc. The lessons taught through Our Lady’s choosing to appear in the Bedroom are the core foundation of the way of life of the Community, and those lessons are what are passed onto you, here on

All prayer petitions sent through are not only presented in Marija’s Chapel of the Two Hearts in Medjugorje, but also prayed over, by the Community of Caritas in the Bedroom of Apparitions as well.

The Bedroom of Apparitions is open to the public for prayer, during the annual five days of prayer, December 8-12, as well as on other designated days throughout the year.

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