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Below are a few pictures of some of “Jesus’ Joys” in our community. Let us give thanksgiving, especially on this day of the anniversary of Roe vs Wade, for the blessings of children, and let us pray for the opening of all sinful hearts, especially those who reject and destroy these blessings that God gives to us.

Marija, the visionary of Medjugorje, says, “Our Lady’s messages are for today’s man to help him to understand the Bible.” We, in modern society, live radically different than those who wrote the Bible. While the Word contains the fullness of Revelation, man has become too dark to follow it in fullness with the society that he has built.

The light was dim in the small cave. The little stable was cold, providing little protection from the wind that whirled around on the outside of the tiny dwelling. Joseph was asleep in the corner, exhausted from traveling and disheartened that he was unable to find better accommodations for Mary. She soothed his sorrow by accepting every inconvenience with generosity and love.

During this Christmas Season one can always find others who are worse off than themselves. No matter how much we have, no matter how little we have, no matter how much we gained this year, no matter how much we lost this year, we are blessed. The attitude Christ wants from us is only one. How good the Lord has been to me. No matter what has happened to us, count your blessings.

He looked down at his hands, rough, calloused…and empty. How could he tell Her that he could find no place for Her. What kind of provider was he? He should have foreseen this dilemma. He should have known Bethlehem would be overcrowded with no rooms to spare.

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