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They had almost given up hope. As a young couple in love, they waited to be blessed with a houseful of children, but as the years passed, the baby crib was put away. Grey hair came, wrinkles began to crease their faces, youth gave way to middle age. They never got used to the looks of pity cast their way.

She was three years old when She made Her way to the Temple, each step bringing Her further away from Her father and mother whom She loved with all Her heart. Though She could no longer see them, She knew tears were falling down their old, wrinkled faces. Not another caress, embrace or kiss would She receive from them, nor would She give to them, except through the prayers said for each other, delivered by their angels.

Peace is harmony between God and man. Real happiness, joy, and prosperity can come only through this peace, which comes from God and is a direct gift from the Holy Spirit.

The Virgin Mary tells us to go to Sacred Scripture to discover the true reason for Her coming here, to discover the message for you! St. Louis De Montfort longed for it! He called it not the end of time, but the latter times! Go read Sacred Scripture to find the true reason Our Lady is coming. Go to the last book of the Bible.

Please enter into prayer before beginning. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and its consequences, blame has been placed on many. But what happened before Katrina? Why such a devastation? This major writing necessitates that you pray to the Holy Spirit before reading. It will read different to you if you do not pray.

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