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Jelena is one of the Medjugorje inner locutionists. In 1987, Our Lady gave her an incredible message in which Our Lady relates why the parish was chosen, why She was staying so long in Medjugorje...

There is only one way to save mankind from the powers of darkness, from satan. We have to make a strong decision for God and against satan and we have to walk with Our Lady toward holiness.

God will not abandon those who now, during the time of invitation, will respond. We have been given a great light, more than a ray of hope – something on which to cling while hell ravages all the earth in order to devastate hell’s kingdom through peace.

Since 1981 Our Lady has appeared daily in Medjugorje. Everyday She prays. Everyday She speaks. What is the message She speaks? This is what we would like to discover now.

The apparitions of Our Lady of Medjugorje are profound. But how much does Our Lady really hear us? How much does She really listen to us when we pray to Her, especially during the apparition? This story show how much Our Lady's presence at Medjugorje is for each of us.

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