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Our Lady of Medjugorje’s plans call for our individual conversion first. Only by living the messages and changing our lives are we able to then convert our families.


The Virgin Mary tells us to go to Sacred Scripture to discover the true reason for Her coming here, to discover the message for you! St. Louis De Montfort longed for it! He called it not the end of time, but the latter times! Go read Sacred Scripture to find the true reason Our Lady is coming. Go to the last book of the Bible. Go to that Book’s last chapter. Then go to the last five verses of the chapter and find what the latter part of Scripture says. You will discover the last five verses of the Bible before the epilogue. John’s last words of Revelation; the description of our time, of what lay hidden for ages, come to life in what you are about to see, that which the saints and prophets longed for, is unlocked and revealed after two thousand years. The last words of the Bible:


Notre Dame’s president, Fr. John Jenkins C.S.C., has betrayed the teachings of Christ and the Church in lieu of the prestige of Obama speaking at the university and giving him an honorary degree. Both Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI relayed that Catholic institutions must adhere to Catholic teachings or remove the Catholic name off of institutions that do not act in accordance with the Catholic faith.


When a seed is planted in the ground, there is no evidence that there is life, even though underneath the ground there is much activity occurring. We must pray for God to send sunshine and rain to nourish the seed, and then we must wait patiently for the time when the new life breaks forth from the ground, is strengthened and the flower finally blooms.


The book titled Endurance is a story of approximately 27 men who attempted to be the first to reach the South Pole. Their ship became ice locked, and so started a most amazing story of endurance. It is a secular example of what we should do in wanting to be saved for eternal life, in what these men did to be saved in this life. After almost two years of persevering through weather dipping below zero, inadequately clothed, often wet and hungry, a small party of them, by a little more than a row boat traveled several hundred miles, through the most turbulent ocean on the face of the earth, to a land where they could get help.

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