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Mary of Nazareth, the humble little Jewish girl, who once played in the soil of the earth, who loved to smell its flowers, now is exalted above the angels and chosen to come daily to the earth in order to save it. She wishes to bring freshness and innocence back to the earth. The following message is as though Mary remembers Her time upon the earth and that sweetness that surrounded Her while in prayer.

Some days the first hour of the workday, in the freshness of the morning, the Community spends praying and working for the Community, before the day begins in the Caritas Mission. These pictures are of the Community this morning, November 28, 2007, loading and delivering in preparation for winter to keep our guests warm.

Our Lady’s messages are living messages that will apply to our lives the day She gives them or a year later, or several years later. The above picture is yet another proof of this. Read the message Our Lady gave over 17 years ago on March 25, 1990:

Our Lady said on October 25, 1996:

Tonight at 7:00 PM Central time, Part 5 of the Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping will air live online on's Radio WAVE.

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