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Tonight at 7:00 PM Central time, Part 4 of the Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping will air live online on's Radio WAVE. Though the media is not reporting it, overwhelming scientific information that refutes the claims that global warming is a threat to the future of the earth is surfacing through many sources.

If you were the Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme court, would you allow yourself to be unjustly impeached? That’s precisely what happened to Judge Roy Moore, of Alabama. After commissioning with his own money a granite monument that had on it the Ten Commandments and other patriotic quotes, was ordered to either remove the monument from the Alabama Rotunda, or face impeachment.

Why is our nation falling apart? What must we do before we find ourselves in the situation everyone was in, in the 1930’s? You will want to tune in on, Monday November 12 for a 5-part series on Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping, an exciting broadcast on Radio WAVE that will air live, online on’s Radio WAVE, (available only on next week Monday Nov.12 – Friday Nov. 16.

The continual movement against God and Christianity, especially in the United States has increasingly become clearer and clearer. Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse, is now referring to Christmas Trees as“Family Trees.

Thank you for your comments. We are answering your concerns about the statements on Medjugorje Headlines, September 2, 2007, in regards to the secrets and Our Lady preparing us. We know that there are 10 secrets. We do not know if all of them will be released. We do know three of them will be released to the world three days before they each happen.

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