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November 28, 2016 A.D.

Medjugorje visionary Marija left this morning to go back home, after spending Thanksgiving Day and the weekend here with the founder of Caritas, his family and the Community. It was five days filled with many graces and blessings. While Marija was here, Our Lady gave the November 25th message in the Bedroom. Many have asked about this message, in particular one line, as the following question:

“Could you explain, ‘Little children… but you, witness without interest - out of love for God.’ This part of this sentence totally confused me. Could it be an error?”

Lake Charles, LA

While Marija was giving her rough translation in the Bedroom to the founder and the Caritas Community, Marija came to this particular sentence and she said that Our Lady said, “Witness out of love for God and not because of what you will receive in return.” Marija repeated herself saying, “Not for what you will receive, but because you love God.”

This is connected also to another message Our Lady gave on September 25, 1997 when She said:

“…I call you all to love, not with a human love, but with God’s love. In this way, your life will be more beautiful and without an interest…”

The founder of Caritas was at Marija’s home when Our Lady gave the September 25, 1997 message. He was discussing this part of the message with Marija and her husband, and their understanding of Our Lady’s words was that it meant, without distraction, focused, single-minded.

The founder of Caritas and Marija spoke about the November 25, 2016 message at length during the November 25 Radio WAVE broadcast, The Love of a Simple Life. They discussed this sentence, as well as many other memories that they have shared together with Our Lady. It was a very heartwarming broadcast, which you can listen here.
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