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The following was part of a talk given by A Friend of Medjugorje to the Community of Caritas right before they were to begin a nine-day fast. Each Lent, the Community of Caritas does a nine-day fast in preparation for Easter.

The battlefield is in your mind. Retain and enhance the good attitudes you have received in life, but you must conquer thoughts that are shaped in your life through faulty conditioning and form new attitudes fortified by Our Lady of Medjugorje's words, Holy Scripture, the lives of the saints and other spiritual reading. Your new attitudes will succeed with a strong determined will to follow through with your decision for a new spirit of God to be born in you. It is Our Lady’s desire.

April 25, 1985

“Dear children, today I want to tell you to begin to work in your hearts as you are working in the fields. Work and change your hearts so that a new spirit from God can take its place in your hearts…”

The strong, determined, good will comes to you by not neglecting prayer. Renewal is impossible without prayer. If you make a determined effort to increase prayer and the fervency in your prayer, you will experience strength in your will to do more, give more, love more. We did not begin this spiritual walk with a nine-day fast. We began with a strong effort by every individual in the community to commit to praying at first three Rosaries in the beginning days, and now, with the Luminous Mysteries, four Rosaries a day. The Rosaries and other prayers and our three to four hours of scheduled prayer gave us the strength and desire to live the fast. The fast gave us the grace to want conversion and renewal. Wanting conversion and renewal has led us to pray more. Praying more will give us a strong and determined will to make the changes that hinder our spiritual lives. This is the positive cycle that we must learn to develop in our lives. Too many are caught in the negative cycle of faulty conditioning that leads nowhere except to failure as it feeds the flesh instead of the spirit. Fasting attacks the flesh so that the spirit can be set free. But even fasting is limited without prayer. Do you want renewal? Do you need rejuvenation in your spiritual life? If you have been neglecting prayer, start again. Prayer will not fail you in leading you out of the darkness back into the Light. Our Lady of Medjugorje depends on you to transmit Her messages, and how we live them in the present is to be the window to the future of this century and beyond.

In the Love of Our Lady,

Friend of Medjugojre

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