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December 22, 2012 A.D.


December 21, 2012, the end of the world according to Mayan calendar predictors, has come and gone. But we should not be so quick to laugh it off.


Lasting Sign Sunset

This above sunset taken in Medjugorje in front of St. James Church, was a film shot from The Lasting Sign, a 60-minute documentary produced in 1990 by A Friend of Medjugorje and ABC 20/20, with narrator Martin Sheen.

Around the time of the filming of The Lasting Sign, ABC producer Rob Wallace asked A Friend of Medjugorje if the Medjugorje apparitions were about the second coming of Jesus. A Friend of Medjugorje, answered, "Absolutely they are! Now whether the second coming takes place in 5 years or 500 years from now, is what we don't know."

Though most praying people knew nothing would happen on 12-21-12, it can be easy to laugh off the Mayan calendar as utter nonsense, and continue in our 'business as usual' life. But, God is actively sending us signs for these times. Our Lady of Medjugorje said on March 25 1990:

"...God wants to save you and sends you messages through men, nature, and so many things which can only help you to understand that you must change the direction of your life..."

It should come as no surprise that the Church near the end of the Church calendar reflects on the end of time, which we all should do in preparing our hearts to meet Jesus. Our Lady said on March 17, 1989:

"...Prepare yourself to look at Jesus ‘eye to eye.’"

Our life is preparation, spiritually and physically for the meeting with Jesus, which can only happen in striving everyday to live God's will. A Friend of Medjugorje tells us in Ready'ing' for the Storm, written in 1998:

"Our Lady is our hope. She is our ark. She is building within our heart the means to stay afloat when the storm comes. Jesus says it will come as a thief in the night. Our Lady said “pray, pray, pray.” Too many want to prepare physically and bypass spiritual preparation. Physical preparation is completely useless without a great deal, even years, of spiritual preparation. If one has to choose between the two, only the spiritual is important. God rained down manna from Heaven. He is certainly capable of doing it again. But how can anyone expect that to happen, or physical preparation to work, if the spiritual is lacking? Too many are out of focus.

"God’s Will is the only thing that is important. It is His wish that must prevail over man’s will. Man in his free will can contradict God’s will. His Will is His hope and wish for us, but we have freedom from Him to go against it. But how sad will be the day when the time of grace, the time of Our Lady being with us daily, will no longer be. Pray! Get on your knees and pray! Do not cease to pray! The only thing that is important today is to pray and do God’s Will. When we do God’s Will, it is the best for our own being that can be done.

"We may think what we do is best, but unless we really seek
and strive to know God’s Will in every part of our lives, we
will never have the best situation for ourselves. This is security.
He is “father,” the best of what we could even imagine
a father to be. His Will, even in our smallest action will bring
about perfection in one’s life. We must surrender our will to
His to be satisfied, content, and happy. Life will be whole and the fear many have today will be vanquished."

The Mayan calendar should be seen as yet another sign that we are living in an end of an age, and should be ready'ing' our hearts for Jesus by living in His will, for our present security and the future security of ourselves and our families.

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