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What does Our Lady of Medjugorje say about this separation?

• Know somebody in your parish thinking about a divorce?
• Do you live under one roof as divorced but don’t want to get a divorce because you know it’s wrong?
• Are you a child of divorced parents?
• Is there always fighting and arguing between you as spouses?
• Instead of peace, does your family feel like it’s in hell?
• Is there strife in your family?
• Do you feel your children are suffering because of your marriage?
• Do you want to have peace in your family?
• Are your children disrespectful to you?
• Is there hatred in your family?
• Do you want to make your home where it’s a haven that you long to come home to?
• Do you want love in your family?

How to Change Your Husband is a bestselling book, available in English and Croatian, that has improved thousands of marriages, canceled many divorces and made unlivable homes, livable.

As Caritas has done in the past, we want to make things available at no cost. You can now have this book FREE, across the world, via Send this to a friend if you know someone who is thinking about a divorce, or having one of the above problems, or if you know someone getting married, as this truly is an Owner’s Manual for the Family. The book How to Change Your Husband is often read 5, 6, and even 10 times.


You will need 300 pages of paper to print out the book in its entirety. Don’t worry about the cost of ink and paper, the cost of strife in the home is thousands times more. Financial problems develop because of strife. So, the little you spend on paper to print out this free book, can not only save your marriage, but thousands of dollars.


You can also order a hardcopy of the book via the mej-mart by visiting this page here. All mej-mart orders are filled immediately. Order the English or Croatian version of the book. Many people order in quantity, as the price breakdown goes down to $1.70 for quantities of 100 or more.

You can also pre-order the audio book on the mej-mart.
Audiobook versions will take up to 6 weeks for completion. All other mej-mart orders are filled immediately.

How to Change Your Husband English Download How to Change Your Husband Croatian Download

(mej-mart orders are filled immediately)

How to Change Your Husband mej-mart How to Change Your Husband mej-mart croatian How to Change Your Husband mej-mart croatian


"My cousin gave me this book, and I thought...yeah, I need to find out how to change my husband and make him better so we can get along. He's the one causing me to be so resentful & angry, how dare he expect me to do one more thing after I just worked a full day too, he doesn't appreciate all that I do for him, etc, etc, etc...Was I in for a suprise and a WAKE UP CALL! This world we live in does not support marriage or family and looks down at a wife who nourishes he husband & family with love and care. This is a "Me" society and there's no room for real marriage or a real family. How terrible & look at the results: divorce, broken families, broken children & broken hearts everywhere! But this book has sent a wonderful message and after 6 years of marriage I feel the Lord and Our Lady are teaching me how to be a good wife in order to have a great marriage (the marriage God wants me to have) and a happy loving husband. Read this book & Trust the Lord! You & your husband WILL be happier, learn to appreciate & respect each other, be more at peace and fall in love all over again. A spiritual love & understanding will enfold itself around your marriage & family and you will be really and truly joyful. God Bless You on making the choice to read this book, you have made a step in the right direction." - Pittsburg, PA

"I am a young, attractive mother/wife/professional singer who was raised by older parents who were married for 50 years when my father passed. Yet I still came to a point in my life that I just couldn't deal with my husband not doing "his part." I was divorcing him-no ifs ands or buts.I have men hitting on me all of the time and was sure that I had chosen the wrong one. I went into a Catholic book store one day looking for a book on how to help children surive divorce when the man who worked there handed me this book. I LOVED the title.I just couldn't figure out why the man kept grinning at me.He said that something miraculous happens to those that read this book with an open heart and he asked me to come back and tell him what I thought when I was done. Well, i went home and I must say- being young and independent minded the beginning of the book had me irate. I was furious at what they were saying- women be submissive? yeah whatever... but I was too curious not to finish and that I did. i finished it with a whole new outlook. Something miraculaous had happened to me in the pages of this book. Th Holy Spirit had snuck in my heart and made me realize so many things. In todays world - it is acceptable to think of yourself and what will make "YOU" happy but in the end does that really fulfill you. It sure doesn't for me. Women in today's world are selfish creatures and their children are suffering which in return so will our future. i'll tell you this much - I am thankful to our Lord for this book and so will my children. When you purchase this book you must pray before reading it because some of it is hard to read at first- read on- trust me - it is worth it! It WILL heal your marriage and it will start with healing you.So, do I submit now to my husband? Yes-sometimes I fight it but trust me- you know the saying- you attract more bees with honey than lemons-- it's true with your spouse as well.I love my husband very much and when I started acting different after reading this book so did he. :-) I must conclude this by saying that I feel sorry for those who don't open their heart and let this book work on their soul. Unfortunately there are very few things now with such a healing and repairing quality that we all so desperately need. May God Bless you your husband as you find your own miracle.This book truly saved my marriage by saving "Me." - Houston, TX

"I was blessed to receive this book from my aunt during my engagement to my now-husband. Like other reviewers, I was skeptical at the title (why did my aunt think my future husband needed to be changed?) but quickly became committed to the book through its amazing narrative and captivating real-life stories. Although I wasn't aware of it at the time, the way I interacted with my husband directly affected how he interacted with me. The book offers concrete ways a devoted wife can completely renew a strong, loving relationship with her husband. The subject is one that I, as a young twenty-something, personally require constant refreshing on, as it runs completely counter to what "society" would advise- I've easily read it 10 times in the 2 years of our marriage. (It's also a pretty quick first read and one you won't be able to put down easily!) Each time I've read it I've been renewed in my commitment to my husband and our relationship. I've shared it with many friends who share my affection for the book. Initially, it will require you to have an open mind, but you will be GREATLY blessed for your commitment. I absolutely consider this book to be a MAJOR contributor to my happy marriage. If you remain skeptical after completing the book, give changing yourself a try for even a day or week- you WILL notice the difference in your marriage. The book was a fantastic engagement gift, and I would recommend it to anyone who hopes for a strong, happy marriage." - Posted by KD

"Wow!!! What a life changing book! I am a young and trendy wife/mother and for years was trying to figure out how to save my not so peaceful marriage/family life. I came upon this book by accident and when I finally picked it up, I couldn't put it back down. It has truly changed how I view myself, my husband, my children and our world. I have now bought 10 copies and have given them to all my friends to read as well. This was honestly the best book I ever read! By reading this book and doing what it says I saw my husband, our relationship, and my life change overnight for the better. If you are open to Christ's teachings and really want a solid, loving, peaceful marriage and this book! Praise Caritas for its publication! This is one book all wives should read and live by!" - New Jersey

"This should be a must read for every couple beginning with the wife or wife to be. This book has the secret of happiness in a marriage. If you want your marriage to be better, then wives read this book! The ultimate in love is knowing thyself, and that your love is a treasure that begins in you with the Holy Spirit. If all women were to read this book before they married, and followed it, there would never be a divorce." - Longmont, CO

"This book is thought provoking. The message, if applied, will change the families to have the order that our Creator intended and thus has the promise to change society back into the healthy environment we desire. A must read for all women before or during marriage." - Wisconsin

"This is a must read for every christian wife, young or old". - Kentville, Nova Scotia, Canada

"Every thing that is listed and discussed in the book can be backed by scripture and the church. I believe this is a wonderful book, and does need to be read with an open mind and prayer... let the Holy Spirit guide you to what God wants for your life... not what you "think" or the the world "thinks"... but what God DESIGNED. I myself, study the church and scripture every chance I have, and have found even more ways I can change my spirit and actions as a wife/mother. With each thing I read, I prayed and acted... and have found nothing but blessings... This book is a must read and a wonderful engagement gift, or gift for troubled marriages. According to Genesis women were designed to be the helpmates of their husbands.... when we do that first, all other things fall into place. Please read this book with an open mind and do not let Satan, via the world's opinion and expectation discourage you to at least consider reading this book. I have met the author on a retreat and all I can say is... very humble and prayerful person, only concerned with pleasing God and leading others to heaven/keeping others on the path of heaven." - Posted by C. Loeffler

"I bought two copies of this book, one for myself and one for a friend who was having a problem in her marriage. We both read it and believe it can make a big improvement in a marriage. While reading it on a bus, the man across from me said he and his wife read it and it's great, I was surprised at that coming from a guy until I got further into the book. I recommeded it my children that are newlyweds and anyone else that needs a little direction in their marriage. It can improve even a great marriage. " - Posted by Maureen

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