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An extraordinary moment in one’s life is being present during an apparition with one of the visionaries. It is beyond understanding to realize that during the apparition with Marija, one of the six Medjugorje visionaries, Our Lady appears to her in a physical, touchable form. She is truly present to her in body, not just spirit. To add that She appears as the woman in the Book of Revelation, Chapter 12, with stars about Her head leaves us without words to explain the extraordinary time we are in. During these apparitions, everything Our Lady does has a profound meaning. There is a reason for everything She does. One particular apparition at Marija’s house proves this. Only four or five people were present and one who was there describes what happened:


The apparition began in the usual way. Marija was kneeling before the statue of Our Lady and I was right next to her. During the time of the apparition, I had some special intention to present to Our Lady while She was appearing to Marija. I asked these requests in a low whisper so no one else in the room could hear them. While stating them, I felt a particular urge that Our Lady wanted me to really make these requests in a special way and it was what She wanted to hear. After the apparitions, Marija stunned me when she said that Our Lady accepted our prayers and blessed us and She did something unusual. Of course, I asked about this and Marija said that during the apparition Our Lady leaned over slightly with Her head tilted sideways toward us. I thought it strange and asked why Our Lady did this. Marija relayed that Our Lady was listening intently to our prayers and She turned Her ear toward us to actually hear us.

It was touching to know I had gone to Medjugorje with this special need to present these requests to Our Lady and She indicated Her attentiveness by this beautiful gesture. It taught me that while Our Lady can always hear our prayers, prayers really from the heart receive much more attention than those said with little intent on our part.

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