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September 24, 2020 A.D.

Bread at Caritas

(Caritas photo, October 13, 2017) - This picture was taken at the home of a Friend of Medjugorje and his wife, on the October 13, 2017, 100 year anniversary of the Fatima apparitions. This day, October 13, was the last day of the 9-day bread and water fast, and many joined us here at Caritas to pray in the Bedroom of Apparitions.

We are now completely through the month of November 2021, assigning days for the upcoming 9-day bread and water fast. One person from Texas wrote:

“First time for the 9-day fast. Praying for my family, my country, peace on earth.”

Wimberly, Texas

What will we do when reach the end of the year with assigning dates for 2021? We will do as we always have done in the past and re-start the year again, so that 2021 will be covered by more than one 9-day bread and water fast. As we move into the 40th year of Our Lady’s apparitions, 2021, is important to be covered in prayer. Another person wrote:

“I am happy to do this for Our Mother! I have been receiving answers to my prayers regarding our U.S. election, and even the messages from this site and ministry. Often, in the past, I have had prayers answered when I came back to Our Lady and the church. Some have not been precisely what I expected! But in retrospect I see the answers. Even the death of my child has become clarified for me over time. May we all be inspired to right decisions through our prayers!”


Remembering Our Lady’s words from August 25, 2020:

“Little children, you do not have a future or peace until your life begins with a personal conversion and a change to the good. Evil will cease and peace will begin to reign in your hearts and in the world…”

If we want evil to cease, it has to cease with us, personally. Others have also written to us:

“I would like to sign up for the 9 Day Fast 10/5-10/13/20. Please include me! My sacrifice is needed now more than ever.”

Trappe, Pennsylvania

“This is our time, that’s why we are here for to stand up for the Way, the truth and the Life and life Eternal. Our Mother Virgin Mary is leading us as Her children, imperfect as I am, I will do my small part and say yes to this fast. God’s will be done. God bless.”

San Marcos, California

As we mentioned in the previous 9-day fast updates, a Friend of Medjugorje has made known what is at stake, and we are hearing from people who are very joyful to be a part of this fast. Again, we have people from all over the United States, as well as from the U.K., Australia, Korea, Philippines, Mexico, Canada, South Africa, and many more! Be sure to add your name to the list! For more information, about the 9-day fast you can read here. Or to sign up, contact Caritas in the U.S. at 205-672-2000. When dialing from outside the United States, dial, 001-205-672-2000. You can also visit here and request to have your name added to the list.
Caritas of Birmingham
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P.S. If you missed the important writing from a Friend of Medjugorje titled, Our Lady Wants You to… Expose Evil… Lying Voices…, it gives us just one more reason why this 9-day fast is so important. Spread this to all your family and friends, to all your prayer group members, mail lists and social media.

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