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February 13, 2020 A.D.

Today is February 13th. For many in secular society the number ‘13’ has negative connotations and superstitions. Our Lady of Medjugorje said on June 23, 1982:

“…let the people be converted so long as it is possible. There are many sins, vexations, curse words, lies, and other bad things…”

This is a glimpse of our world. But, is the world’s superstitious view of the number 13 founded, or is it quite the opposite?

A Friend of Medjugorje revealed more about the number 13 and its role in world events throughout the centuries in the recent February Words of the Harvester publication to the Caritas Field Angels. Following is a brief excerpt:

“…Is the number 13 a good number or a bad number? It seems that 13 is a fingerprint of Our Lady. It shows up in significant events and moments when She is orchestrating events. But as Revelation 12:13 points out, the dragon pursues “the Woman,” and in so doing, he mimics Her battle plans by commandeering the number 13 for his own purposes, turning the number from good into evil, such as the evil connotation derived from Friday the 13th as an unlucky number. There is a tug-of-war over sinners between the Woman and the devil. The rebelling devil claims ‘13’ for bad while Our Lady claims ‘13’ through Her standing before the 3 Gods in One*. Again, verse 13 in Revelation chapter 12, the verse says everything.


“When the dragon saw that he had been hurled to the earth, he pursued the woman who had given birth to the male child.”

Only One created Being can penetrate the depth of the Trinity, Three Divine Persons. Only One. That One is the Virgin Mary. Think what it is like to be able to stand before God, Triune in One, to be the only One who has experienced being immersed in God out of billions and billions of angels and people. Mary, begotten by God, Daughter; Mary, conceived in Her womb by the Holy Spirit, Spouse; Mary, who gave birth to a Son, Jesus, after He grew within Her for nine months, Mother. This is why Her number is 13. In chapter 12 of Revelation, why is it verse 13 that describes the Woman, Our Lady, who gave birth to the Christ? Our Lady is the only One being who stands in a position before God. Our Lady, One, before Three—the Holy Trinity. This is why Our Lady’s number 1 and 3 is ‘13.’…”

- a Friend of Medjugorje
from, February 2020, Vol. 293 Words of the Harvesters Newsletter

Do not let the world influence your way of thinking, even about a number. A Friend of Medjugorje’s words above, clearly show that Our Lady, the Woman of Revelation, is here to “reveal” precisely Who She is.
Caritas of Birmingham
Operated by the Community of Caritas

* This is a poetic statement, not a theological statement. We believe that God is One God, Three Persons.

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