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January 18, 2012 A.D.


In his walk with Our Lady, She has taught A Friend of Medjugorje many things. Of the many She has taught, one of these is about suffering. Often we will hear from family, friends, and many on our mailing list, “Please pray for me. I am going through difficult trials right now.” The truth is, everyone is. The time we are in is the purification of the heart. Our Lady wants us not to be crushed by this purification, but be made stronger.

Cross on a gave with Cross Mountain in background

A Cross, marking a grave in Medjugorje, with Cross Mountain in the background.

While not pleasant, the crosses of life are not escapeable. Learning what to do with those determines our benefit or not. A Friend of Medjugorje writes:

Our Lady knows what is best for us. It is to our benefit to struggle, to suffer. But we determine if it becomes valuable or worthless. Do we elevate God through our suffering by witnesing joy amidst trials or do we take away from God's kingdom by carrying it in such a way that it brings others down and even away from God. Our Lady said in November 1991:

"When you are sick, when you suffer from something, don’t say, ‘Oh, why has this happened to me and not to somebody else.’ No, say instead: ‘Lord, I thank you for the gift you are giving me.’ For sufferings are really great gifts from God. They are sources of great graces for you and for others. When you are sick, many of you only pray and repeat, ‘Heal me, heal me.’ No, dear children, this is not correct because your hearts are not open; you shut your hearts through your sickness. You cannot be open to the will of God nor to the graces He wants to give you. Pray this way: ‘Lord, Thy will be done in me.’ Then only can God communicate His graces to you, according to your real needs that He knows better than you. It can be healing, new strength, new joy, new peace - only open your hearts."

A Christian, who is seeking perfection, will consider it a great benefit to the soul to suffer. With a correct attitude, reflecting Our Lady's message, sorrow and suffering will be more attractive to the Christian than pleasure to the pagan.

We must realize that all suffering will pass, however for those who embrace their suffering, using it for purification or for souls of others, it will never pass. Its mark will be forever lasting throughout eternity."

From I Don't Like My Cross, by A Friend of Medjugorje

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