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June 21, 2016 A.D.

Our Lady of Medjugorje said through Mirjana on June 2, 2016:


“…My comings among you are proof of how much Heaven loves you. They indicate to you the way to eternal life, to salvation…”


Our Lady is here for no less than to save us, to bring us to eternal life, to salvation.


Grapes for harvest in Medjugorje

Grapes on the vine getting ripe for harvest in Medjugorje. Our Lady is bringing us to a vintage of the soul. Her apparitions in Medjugorje are leading us to a place where we are ripe for conversion, and then through us, to bring conversion to others who are being made ripe.

Our hearts are being made ready for the time when we come before God. But also, there is a time when others will come before God through their encounter with us. Medjugorje visionary Mirjana tells us:

Question to Mirjana: Are you looking forward to the time when the secrets would be revealed?

Mirjana: You see, I never think about the secrets because my secret could happen today. It may be today that I will come before God. My task should be to think about, ‘am I ready today to come before God?’

“I always say to the pilgrims when you go back to your parishes, do not be boring. (laughter) Don’t talk and repeat to the others, Medjugorje, Medjugorje, Medjugorje. But let them recognize and see Medjugorje within you. Let them ask you why you have changed so much. Where have you been? What gave you such a peace and such a beauty? This is what Our Lady desires from us, our example and the prayer and not preaching.”1

Each one should be ready, not only for the secrets that await the world, when the world will come before God’s judgment, but also for each one’s individual encounter with God. The Scripture tells us, “If today you hear His voice, harden not your hearts…” Psalm 95:7-8

The souls of others will find their encounter with God’s truth through us. But, when their soul is ripe for harvest, will others meet God through us? Will they find loving correction when needed? A word of encouragement? An unfailing witness to our commitment to God? A lot depends on our response to Our Lady’s call, not only for ourselves, but others through us.

Friend of Medjugorje
On behalf of
Caritas of Birmingham
Operated by the Community of Caritas

P.S. Our Lady is building an army of Her apostles who will make Her known and loved throughout the world. Be a part of Her army in a real concrete way. Find out more about being a living billboard for Our Lady here…


1. Our Lady Says that When You Pray For Unbelievers, You Pray for Yourselves and Your Own FutureMedjugorje Headline, Talk by visionary Mirjana, Nov. 14, 2006, recorded/transcribed by the Community of Caritas

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