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t is time. Now is “the” time to change your life. Change of life does not occur by the addition of prayers and Holy Mass alone. These virtuous acts, delivering grace, must be accompanied with the decision and physical act of changing one’s heart and living profoundly the Commandments. Do not confuse that a prayer life is all Our Lady calls for. The prayer She constantly is inviting and guiding us to is to give us strength to identify and realize areas in our lives which need changing and then to change. Our Lady said on January 25, 1995, a statement which should stun us, though many are not. It is profound. Our Lady does not say to have strength to live the messages. She clarifies that we need strength just to realize what She is telling us. If this is the case, to need strength to listen and realize Her messages, how much more strength will we need just to change? On January 25, 1995, Our Lady said:

“…So, little children, pray to have the strength to realize what I am telling you…”

Do not wait another day, not even a moment, to change. Changing your ways, your life, is a decision for God. The time of decision is coming to an end. The decision is made by actions in your life. Some hearts deceive themselves by not deciding against God, but at the same time, not deciding for Him. Don’t be deceived. This is a decision rendered! If you haven’t decided for God in every area of your life, then you are deciding against Him. This is a special, very special time of grace we live in. The present is a period given to us just for the purpose of this decision. By ignoring it, by not making a decision, one must realize he has made the decision. Your “yes” must be “yes,” and your “no” must be “no.” Any “yes” that is ninety percent means there are “no’s” in your “yes.” While this has been allowed by God during “a grace period,” it will soon be over. Any “yes” with “no’s” in it will be judged as such, a “no” to God. Judgment will be cast by your own decisions to fully live God’s wishes for you, or not. Both decisions come with an inheritance of either peace, a supreme peace you have never experienced before, or a cup of bitterness, such as your palate has never tasted. As St. John Vianney, the Cure D’Ars, once said in a homily:

“Be religious or be damned.”

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