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Time flies and with it society seems to have no limit to the depth its degradation. One wonders what would have happened to us had Our Lady not begun appearing daily in Medjugorje in 1981. Surely Her daily apparitions are a direct effort by God to change man’s direction and now we see many lives changing and that Our Lady has been successful in Her calling out to the world and finding souls who would listen. Had She not found souls, as Abraham did not in Sodom, would we already not have experienced the same fate as Sodom. How Abraham must have labored. How he must have tried to find just fifty, then forty, thirty souls with no success. Yet Our Lady of Medjugorje has and is being successful, through Her love, to save the world. We all do not comprehend to what degree the privilege is of knowing and being a part of Our Lady’s plans through Medjugorje. What a privilege it would have been to walk out of Sodom with Lot. Our Lady now leads us in the same way, except Her path is to lead us out of a sinful life to become pure, holy, and to live light. We are called to leave our old life, to start from today and walk away from every obstacle which keeps us from Our Lord. That does not mean to walk away from difficult relationships. These trials perfect us, calling out for us to be heroic in our love, even in the midst of meanness or hatred. Our Lady of Medjugorje’s messages help us and point the way. It is our map, our direction.

Friend of Medjugojre

Caritas Field Angel Newsletter – Vol. 7


Adoration in Medjugorje

Adoration in Medjugorje – June 23, 2007

Our Lady always points us to Her Son. Some of the most profound moments in Medjugorje are the nighttime Adorations on Wednesday and Saturday nights. Here thousands of pilgrims stand as the King of Peace, Jesus comes before them during Adoration.

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